ST - about cancel - review

ok i open this thread to just say what i know about cancel in ST, this can be used to who doesnt know to understand better and for who always knew maybe to add/correct something if i am wrong, because i am writing this not only to explain but also to ask form confirmation.

My font is various thread on internet and Hyoga Book Hyper, ok let’s start:

definition of cancel: make a basic attack and before this attack animation is ended complete the command for a special or super move.

Reading the Yoga Book Hyper there are 2 types of cance:

  • degiwa cancel

  • renda cancel

DEGIWA CANCEL: reading various thread, i finally arrived at this conclusion: degiwa cancel can be splitted in 2 types the first one known as kara canceling (even if YBH doesnt talk about this name) that is if you cancel the animation of the basic attack before it begins to hit the other player or before it begins. This can be used to make a feint. I think that YBH talks about this type of canceling. However is also considered late cancel to interrupt the basic attack after it hit the other player, in this case the attack is a combo of x hits.

RENDA CANCEL: about this YBH is not very clear, i have read somewhere on internet that you can cancel a short attack in xx super and this is renda cancel, there is also said that you have to change from standing to crouching or viceversa when you make a renda cancel. Reading YBH and observing the cancel icons near the character attacjk i have this personal conclusion: renda cancel is a normal cancel that you do during a combo, it can be more or less usefull, i am a dictator player and for example you can use like this: cross up rh, standing short x2, crouching forward, double knee press, here we are: you can use the renda cancel btween crouching forward and dkp: you can cancel the fwd in dkp or xx super if the shorts connect or go for a jump after the fwd. To do the cancel you press the fwd twice: one for the fwd and one for the dkp or xx super. The point is the same as degiwa cancel: if u make the cancel you can make the kara type canceling completly before it hits the first crouching forward or go for late type cancel making a combo with one more hit.
So from YBH we can understand this:

  1. the renda cancel can be done also on a basic attack that is not a light attack, it depends from the attack.
  2. I have found where it says that you have to change position (stand/crouching) and cancel with a light attack when u are making a combo but is not so clear because if i use a late cancel i have seen that during a combo u can also cancel with a medium attack…

If anyone has questions or want to add something is welcome!

Hey man thanks for the info.

This is a topic Ive been interested in lately.
You think you could show me sometime in a game? To tell you the truth, Its still not that clear to me.

Well if you got some spare time then you can find me on God Weapon.

Hello, i am happy i have helped you a little bit, maybe is not clear because for me to is not clear and because in the Yoga book hyper is not so clear…

inow i live in japan and a match i think is not so easy however we can try

hey thanks for the info

i would like to know about frame data and hit boxes…

do you have a scanner
preferably for m.bison vega, balrog or chun li

and also did you get the dvd/movie? whats in it?

thanks in advance

ps: and also could you be specific about how many frames it takes to cancel for kara and renda…

Hi man, i am sorry but idont have scan…however if u have question i am here.
In the DVD nothig of so special, something like u can also find on u tube

for degiwa cancel (maybe is kara cancel) with special move 5 frames, 6 frames for superspecial

for renda cancel no data maybe the same

p.s. all about frames is usefull but not as i thinked beacause all data is for turbo 1 and the official turbo is 3…


i might pick up yoga book hyper

if i do ill scan it and up load here…

I think it would be better if you didn’t scan and upload. The Yoga Book Hyper is still being sold by the publisher, so please respect that and don’t hurt their sales. I’m sure they don’t sell that many to start with anyway, so I’d like to see them get every penny they deserve. (Not to mention The Yoga Book Hyper is AWESOME and totally worth the money…)

ok, i can respect that.

NKI, i directly ask you a question: what do you think about the explanation of cancel i have done is correct?
And to cancel a move after it hits in ST can be still called cancel?

From what you’ve written about the different types of cancels I’ve understood that renda-cancels are similiar to chain combos where you cancel one normal move into another, is that right?

Is the Yoga Book Hyper available in English or only in Japanese? Where can I get it?

NKI you think he can just scan the cover because Ive never even seen a glimpse of it ?

The cover is right there.

Not exactly in a renda cancel you cancel a normal move in to a special move during a combo. Even if as i was saying before that is not so clear for me too.

YBH is only in japanese…and the strategy section is a very difficult japanese, i asked fot translation to a friend but even if you are japanese but you are not a ST player you will not be able to understand all.

i have a refresh about renda:

two mode to make a renda cancel:

  1. Some character can make a renda cancel of a light attack with another light attack, you can use this during a combo.

  2. If you want to make a renda cancel of a light attack with a special or superspecial move is possible but you have to change guard position from crouching to standing or viceversa (it depends how do u start with the first light attack) and than immediately make the renda cancel of the light attack with a special/superspecial move.
    I give an example with dictator: crouching light punch,crouching light punch, change to standing and cancel the third light punch with a psicocrusher or double knee press (or the super move if u prefer), if the first 2 crouching light punch dont connect you can interrupt after the second light punch and go for the throw or a jump.

I made an hard work to translate YBH but now is clear…ufff very tired.

Another conclusion is that when u use crouching medium kick cancelled in dkp/psicrusher or super xx during a combo that is not a renda cancel but a degiwa cancel.

I have cleared my mind and hope clear to another people too.

I think I’ve understood it, renda-cancelling. I’ll take Dictator as an example, you can correct me anyway, if I’m wrong:

When doing his combo s.Short, s.Short, c.Forward, Super Combo you’ll actually have to press c.Forward twice, though you only see one c.Forward, in order to get the combo into the Super. Also, you have to change the joystick motion rapidly for the combo to work.

I’ve just visited the Super Turbo section at SRK Wiki and things have got clearer any minute. I hope my link helps everyone who hasn’t understood renda-cancelling in Super Turbo yet.

If you think that the link is useful then you can post it at the beginning of your thread.

the combo sound ok but the cancel u do there is a degiwa cancel and not a renda cancel to make a renda u have to cancel a light punch that is the only attack with dictator can do renda cancel. For the other attack u can make only degiwa cancel.

There are cool matches that aren’t on YT.
I’m thinking of the HSF2 AE freeplay matches where, since it just came out, everybody was just messing around with the characters.
I’m thinking of Komoda playing a beastly WW & HF Blanka or Muteki beasting with WW Zangief. ^^

Yeah the video is ok but i also liked the book

So, not every attack is renda-cancellable. Sounds logic to me as not every attack is degiwa/kara-cancellable.

You said that Dictator had got only one renda-cancellable attack, his light punch. If I wanted to do a jump-in combo into his Super combo then I would have to press light punch and then the motion for his Super combo. Do I have to press his light punch twice, you know, because it’s a renda-cancel, right?

yes quite ok, however u have to press the light punch only 1 time, only the time u cancel it in the super that u can do only with kick.
However in the combo after the juggle u can do with renda but is not a have to. U can laso do with out.
The advantage of renda is that give u a choose to go on or change tecnic.