St and 3s uk ranking battle 13/7

super streetfighter 2 turbo

1st chaosflare(team stand up) ryu/cammy/bison/vega/
2nd jericho_mpm random select
3rd chunkis ryu/ken
4th Ironplam balrog/vega
5th matt ken/bison
6th chong(team stand up) honda/sim
7th hax vega
8th The_chef (I can win with ryu)

3rd strike

1st chunkis ken3
2nd hkc yun3
3rd civ chun li2
4th hax ken3
5th TheHY yun3
6th The_Chef ryu1/2
7th onny makoto1
8th zakuta chun li2

With a bit of luck next ranking battle will be in 2 weeks time in trocadero on vesus city back to back machines and maybe some real turbo players will turn up this time.


surely you mean “joint 5th”.


Nice Job Chunkis you Ken bum :stuck_out_tongue: ! lol
Looks like it was a good RB overall I hope to get to see some footage from the finals hehehe.
Hopefully see ya all at the RB at the end of the month or perhaps at Chaos 2003.


Onny: 7th, joint 5th, it’s all the same to him…

after the first 3, chunkis just guessed the order of results and wrote the names as they came into his head…

There were no playoffs or anything, haha

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

yarrrr…it was a good tournament…though i cannot believe the jammy chunkis irishman won…um…yarrrr.:smiley: :lol: