ST Balrog Super Question


I’ve seen people do this.

Short/Jab Dash directly into the Super Dash

I’ve tried it but can’t get it to come out consistently.

What do you have to do?

Hold down the Short/Jab on the initial dash?

What’s the precise joystick/button maneuvering that’s required?



Simply the motion to execute a short dashing uppercut into super is this :

Charge B,F+Short(Dash Upper), B, F + Punch or Kick

of course the dash upper part should whiff. the trick also works with fierce Blanka ball -> super in corner.

I can always do it now, the main idea is you shouldn’t go quick on the B,F positions.


you do the second B, F after the first move is done?


charge back, towards + short (dash upper), back, towards + punch (super)

You do the second back during the upper, and go to towards+punch when the upper is finished for the super. You have to pace you back-forth motion… you can’t just wiggle like mad because you’ll get to the towards part of the motion before the uppercut is finished and lose the charge.

Try it without the uppercut (just super) and see how slow you can do the motion. That’s the timing. Same goes for jab dash.

It’s best to whiff the dash, makes it real easy. You can connect with your dash punch/upper and still get a super to come out though. Freakin’ hard though because the hit eats up MORE time and you have to be extra tight. You can even combo the super after a dash upper! I dunno about jab dash, I can’t do it anyways.

This works in console A3 too if you whiff… I wonder if it works in CvS2?


Dash with short and then time back, towards + button to coincide with the recovery of the short upper.

If you want to make it really easy do it with the crouching short upper. Much more consistent.

If you mean as a combo, that shit will take FOREVER to make consistent. You want to hit the short upper and time the super motion+button as if you were pressing the button to link a jab to it. Despite popular belief, it’s easier the closer you land the dash upper. You don’t time it so that they reel into the super as you would if you wanted to link a fierce to the upper. I used to make the same mistake. Instead, you activate the super the moment the dash upper retracts and while the opponent hasn’t started reeling back to neutral state. The screen will freeze while the opponents head is back and then you move forward so, the closer the better.

Seriously, the super does enough damage already. In most matches the opponent should’ve lost enough damage by the time you even charge a super so that a super alone will kill them. There’s really no need to learn how to combo it aside from comboing with a low fierce, imo. But I figured I’d throw it in just in case.

As stated earlier, the low dash upper whiff into super is much easier to time than the standing one although both are useful.

You can whiff dash into super in even in cvs games. Pretty universal.



Comboing it from a low fierce?? O_o that’s crazy! I usually go from low jabs, or d.forward.

Perhaps you’re thinking about a different game Apoc? :slight_smile: I’ve never even tried to go from low fierce into super with Rog in ST.

Side note: Rog’s super is way too good. Rog starts beasting on you, THEN he gets crazy good super… Gets my vote for best super in the game.


No, I’m sure that you can cancel cr.fierce into super on ST:) Timing is mad tite on ST though. Minorly practical, imo.

I agree Rog’s super is one of the best in the game. However, I don’t believe it’s necessary. Kinda strange how they decided on supers. Bison barely needs to hit you but he has a nice super that leads to juggles as well. I dunno. It’s awesome vs. Sagat but by the time I have super, my opponent is usually dead anyway.