ST Boxer Q

Is there a trick for doing the dash uppercut -> super? I cant get it to work.

Use the short dash upper. So, charge back, forwards + short (dash comes out), then back and forward and any button. It’s a steady rhythm. First practice just doing a super and see how slow you can do the motion and have it still come out. Then it’s just an extra button press mid-way.

I assume that you’re referring to where you whiff the dash uppercut and super instantly after the recovery of the move. I actually like to do the low dashing upper (charge back, d/f+kick). It seems like it has slightly faster recovery then the normal dashing upper. After I do the low dashing upper, I slowly finish the super motion (one more back, forward with the stick) and hit punch as soon as I see Balrog recover from his dashing upper. It’s really that simple, no special trick. Just practice and timing.
BTW you can actually connect dashing upper->super, it’s done the same way. The key to getting that to combo is having the last few frames of the dashing upper connect. Try it from 1/2 to 3/4 screen and see if you can get it to work.


damn its really easy, dont know why i couldnt get it before :slight_smile: