ST Cheat Sheet


I have come up with a cheat sheet about Super Turbo.

The cheat sheet includes:
[] new vs new character match up’s
] some new vs old character match up’s
[] old and new character tier
] character selection colors
[] codes to select old characters
] US vs JP turbo speed reference

The numbers in there are not mine. The sources are:
[] For the match ups: round average of the three charts in
] For the tiers: ratio tournament points of

Full size link:

The inspiration for this was when I watched a Super Arcade ratio tournament where I saw people getting a little bit confused about the amount of ratio points per character, their old character code or some match ups the commentators didn’t remember.

Disagreeing with match ups and tiers is fun and always leads to constructive discussions. The cheat sheet only serves as a general reference or starting point.

Claw and o. Sagat have their own level in the tier to symbolize the Japanese soft ban.

One of the ideas is to put the cheat sheet underneath my stick somehow to have this always handy. I hope you like it.

Thanks Damdai, Papasi and eltrouble for the feedback and support.


This is fucking awesome. I respect the work you put into this


Instead of cross out use a dick on the tier list.


Quality, nice work.


I forgot to mention that sign was to symbolize the japanese soft ban for claw and o.sagat. I added that note to the original post


Nice compilation, very interesting/informative choices on some of the matchups. I wish the old-old character matchups were there too, like the O.ken O.Sagat matchup or O.Hawk O.Sagat


There were only a couple of old vs old matches that changed the score that I couldn’t fit in there for design purposes. One that comes to mind is o.ryu vs o.ken that on average was a 5-5.

The two match ups you mention don’t change if you compare them to the o.sagat column vs new characters. In other words:
o.sagat vs n.ken - 7-3
o.sagat vs o.ken - 7-3 (not in this cheat sheet)

o.sagat vs n.hawk - 7-3
o.sagat vs o.hawk - 7-3 (not in this cheat sheet)

Remember that all of these are average (and round) values. If the match up differences are not really major then they won’t be reflected in those numbers.


this is so sick! thanks a bunch to everyone that helped make this.


Well done, dude! Stealing :smiley:


Could the more knowledgeable ST heads clear up some confusion I have?

I knew some of these match ups a bit differently, don’t both Kens have better match ups against Honda than Ryu? I also thought Blanka at least had tools against N.Sagat, and thought Guile could do a lot to lock down and punish Boxer.

Thanks in advance to those who drop knowledge.


So how exactly do we cheat with that?

Ryu is much better, mostly due to the better projectile (faster speed, faster start-up and knockdown). The old shotos are good, too, since their crouching kicks have much less vulnerability.

Blanka does have tools against N.Sagat, but a competent player will not be as predictable with their projectiles than the average Joe, and this makes a huge difference.

As for Guile x Boxer, he can do a lot to him. Then Boxer lands like one rush and one throw, or a high TAP, or a super, and he’s leading again. More damage, more invulnerability on reversal (Buffalo Headbutt), best super in the game, more range on his high pokes, more damage and priority on his crouching pokes, and an untechable throw.


Ryu and Ken both do extremely well against Honda. I would say they have an equal advantage versus Honda. Both have different styles though. Ryu just gets Honda to eat fireballs, whereas Ken’s zoning style is more similar to Guile’s. Ken’s game isn’t solely around the firebal, but uses it more as a tool for positional or frame advantage, where he’s able to punish whatever option Honda chooses to go with. Of course, Ryu can do this as well, but his fireball plays a much heavier hand at closer ranges, where he’s able to land or trade hits with red fireball for the knockdown.

Blanka has a few decent options against Sagat, but it’s still a bad match. Sagat has superior pokes and a solid zoning game.

For a long time, Guile was heavily favored to beat Boxer, at least in America. But for many years now, Boxer players have adapted and come up with different strategies to counter Guile’s options. Boxer’s counterpokes, trades with sonic boom, and mixup game is very powerful now.


Would it be possible for this to be made in a higher resolution with Old Sagat, Hawk, Ken and Ryu having their own matchups? Rather than having to look at the inverse of what’s presented for them.


Not actual cheating :wink: Just take the words cheat sheet as in the most known definition: “set of notes for quick reference”

After many iterations I couldn’t find a good design solution for that. With a quick look you can see who is a better or worse character depending on the amount of green or red in their horizontal line (5-5 is yellow). However, for old characters you look at their column and the meaning of the colors is backwards, that is red for good and green for bad.

Having said that, if anyone wants a customized version of the cheat sheet PM me to make it happen :slight_smile:


Sweet little whatnot you’ve worked up here. Unfortunately the full-size link doesn’t work anymore (or doesn’t seem to, I just get a “broken image” icon).


Try again, it’s working for me right now


There was a time I had this all memorized. Great work, you should sell prints