ST: Chun Li

Chun-li strats for SF2 X

Please help me out with some advanced/expert Chun-li starts…

This is what I know basically:

Air defence = stand fierce/stand forward/crouch roundhouse/stand roundhouse depending on the distance

strats lp fireball frm range and follow it in, use air defence if they jump or d+mk or s fierce if they do a fireball

fireball—> walking super

activate walking super —> Throw/ Super

d/f+roundhouse ove close range fireballs

I need some hep with her set-ups for Throws and Super combo execution and and good anti-character strats


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In addition to those aerial counters, I would also suggest you use chun li’s air throw. This is usually the first thing I go after. Everything else is kind of a counter to their countering the air throw.

I like to play chun li as a poking character rather than a guile sit down charge em up type character.

Here are some other chun li tid bits.

The low step…awesome technique, takes a little practice though. When you knock your opponent down on the ground, go up to him and do a quick step (i.e. jump and quickly hit down and forward.) This will usually make contact because most of the time your opponent will be blocking down.

The counter to the low step – forward/fierce and forward/roundhouse… once again, when you knock down your opponent come up to him, if you anticipate that he’s going to try to throw or come up with something off of the ground or just block up, do a low forward and a low fierce/roundhouse combo. This does excellent damage and can often make your opponent dizzy.

When your opponent is in the corner, try to jump on him with the step maneuver (down and forward) The step maneuver will reverse almost all anti aerial attacks. (except uppercuts and supers.)

Chun li is all about annoying footsies. Hit em up with alot of low forwards and roundhouses. Make them try to run away or jump and attack you.

If they jump, use your aerial counters (low roundhouse, standing roundhouse, standing forward, standing strong, standing fierce, standing roundhouse) or try to walk under them and hit them as they fly over you or do (my favorite) the air throw.

Another tactic you can use, but is hard to execute, when you use the standing strong as an aerial counter, you can actually walk to the other side of the opponent, thus often catching them off guard (much like balrog does with his headbutt maneuver) then hit them with a quick low forward/low fierce.

The fireball into the super technique is good

Also when playig dhalsim use alot of roundhouse lightning kicks, that seemed to work well at evo.

There’s a really cool 13 hit combo I saw on…it was jump to the other side with forward, standing strong (facing the wrong way), two standing jabs, a low jab, super, blade kick…it took off almost all of the opponent’s energy. However, I don’t know if you could actually execute that in the middle of a match.

Another combo I like to use is jump in with roundhouse, standing fierce into a short lightning kick. Takes some practice, but it does good damage.

Ok that’s it…have fun.

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At last a sensible reply thanks for the strats Norm :slight_smile:

Don’t forget one of the most important things with Chun Li is throwing. She has a lot of good ticks. Standing strong for example is a great tick… You can keep walking in, and using standing strong, and if they flinch they will get hit… and you can alternate distances to hit or throw…

As for the Fireball followed by Super I think that is Super predictable. Scrubs mostly fall in. It will be a window for good players to kill your Chun Li, if you keep doing that… As a matter of fact, everytime I saw someone doing that against a good player in EVO, they got punished.

If you’re playing against a shoto or Sagat, don’t jump on them a lot. Rather keep distancing yourself to inch in little by little to stick out moves to hit them before their fireball comes out(sitting forward, standing strong, etc).

Some combos with her:

Jumping Fierce, Standing Fierce, Fierce Fireball (Strong combo, may dizzy)
Jumping Fierce, Standing Strong, Sitting Forward, Fireball (OK combo)

Jumping Fierce, Standing ( I don’t remember if it was standing fierce or strong, I think Fierce), Lightning Kick with Roundhouse (Dizzy potential)

If you can’t do the top one, then do the following, as it is easy:

Jumping Short, Standing Short, Short lightning kick (which basically is jump with short, and mash short, lol)

The other great move she has that makes some people get retarded sometimes is when you throw them or knock them down do down forward roundhouse, that does the flip over their head. A lot of people have problem blocking in the right direction.

For extending her hang time in the air, you can jump back and after a quick charge do back then forward kick to do a spinround kick in the air.

After her Knockdown some meaty things to do are:

Sitting forward, sitting roundhouse
Sitting forward, sitting forward, fireball
Sitting forward, then throw

Make sure you charge a lot against characters that like to jump a lot, and do your Down Up then Kick move, which is her anti air. It’s not a bad anti air move.

Well, if I think of more I will post :slight_smile: I hope that helped. Some of the above stuff was already covered I think , but I was on a roll so I kept writing.

Before I forget, a good use for your super would be to save it for a fireball happy character to go through his fireball. OR to punish slowly retracting moves. I think I am all done for now…lol:eek:

Dope Ohnuki Evo strat:

At the beginning of the round, do lightning legs. If they do a fireball, it’ll trade (in your favor, I assume).

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How do you combo in to Chun-li’s super?

Whenever I try it I always get a bird-kick or fireball :frowning:

charge back>move forward plus punch(fb),then back,forward plus kick(sc)

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