ST : Chun li's lightning kicks

How do they work exactly ? I’m searching for an easy way to perform them, something more accurate than mashing.
For example, I saw in a Gamest tape a combo that goes like that : crossup HK, HP cancelled into lightning kicks. Cancelling a HP with lightning kicks by mashing seems impossible, so there must be another way do to that.

Any help is really appreciated

You press roundhouse once with the jump, then press it again with the fierce, and then mash after and you will get a lightning kick with roundhouse to come out and combo off of the fierce.

It takes a certain number of button presses for the lightning kick to come out. I am not in front of the game right now but going off of memory I believe you need 5 kick presses to get a lightning kick out. The last kick you press will determine which lightning kick will come out. So you could for example press all 3 kicks and the kick of choice twice after and get a lightning kick.

Try practicing with this to get the hang of it:

Jumping Short, standing short, Lightning kick with short.

This is an all mash combo. Jump with short basically and tap short till there is no tomorrow. and you will get the above combo.

Hope that helped.

Thanks for your help.

I tried pressing lk,mk,lk,mk,lk (five presses) consecutively and very quicky by using two fingers but nothing came out. There seems to be some differences between the 3 kicks. There’s another obscure point : lightning kicks are very easy to get with lk, but with hk it is very difficult. So the “five button presses” rule needs to be completed in my opinion.

K…this is how you do it on ol skool. Press Fierce + short first. Actually it’s fierce and then short but fast enough so that an onlooker wouldn’t notice the difference. Then mash the short. You will only get on kick to truly combo(although the damage is sweet) so short llegs is fine.

Now, in order to do this easily, and properly, take note of your hand position. Your thump should be over the short button while your middle or ring finger is on fierce. You strum first, hitting fierce but also short JUST after and then continue to press both buttons as fast as you can or just short. Either way it won’t matter. Another fierce won’t come out until the first recovers and, if done properly, that fierce will cancel:D

So , say that you have them dizzy. Place your hand like I said. Now jump in and tap fierce with your ring finger before landing(semi-deep), then fierce(just before short) and short and then press em really fast. Very simple once you get it down. You have plenty of time to get the kicks out because you are already pressing them before the st.fierce fully extends if you do it like I say.

That’s the way I’ve always done it and I saw a vid of Sf2:HF combos and the corner box showed the players hands so that you could learn(as in a Japanese HF tutorial). The Japanese do it the exact same way so…pretty sure that’s the standard method.


sorry to bump a 7 years old thread.

but i think that there are still people playing and learning sf2, it would be helpful to see the method mentioned by apoc in action.