-->[ST]<-- Chun Strings/BNB's Help, plz

Well since Chun does not have the greatest big-damage combos in the world (the one I have seen is pretty big. Usable, but huge.) I’d like to know some of her short strings/ bnb combos. please.
(To let you know, one I commonly use is jump in kick, low mk/lk, lightning legs. The other I know is late j hk, c mk, st hp, and there’s also her “three fierce” combo that I know, which is j hp, st hp, hp kikoken. I guess I could also modify the second string’s last hit into an mp for her option select throw.)


another one I like that i’ve seen nuki use is j. lk/mk>>>close s mp>c mk> kikouken

-it combos on some characters
-duno why s mp is used, but it seems like its an option select string as it is also a throw input
-you can mix it up by adding in a throw after the jumping atk, after the s mp, or after the c mk
-do another s mp after the s mp…
-c rh after c mk

woo! that’s a kewl site, that stuff should be in the srk wiki! thnx!

Get a wiki account and add whatever you want. :slight_smile:

um last time it didn’t work out. course my reason for wanting to get one was “some sections a horribly, horribly incomplete”. do I have to write an essay? ( being nice is an obvious help, something i didnt do before.)

Apply again and just say that you want to edit the ST.Chun section. You don’t need to write an essay. And approval for a Wiki account takes time. And you might have requested one when the admins were busy with stuff like the new site or EVO so they glossed over your request. Apply again, wait a few days, then if nothing happens PM Mr. Wizard.