ST: Comboing Ryu's Super


How in world do you combo Ryu’s super in ST? I’ve tried doing it from c. forward, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Either it doesn’t combo with c. forward, or my execution is absolutely horrible.


You can combo off that super from a lot of things. Let’s try Sitting Forward.

You have to do the motion as so, otherwise you probably won’t connect it. I will list two alternate ways:

(Down), (Down-Forward), (Forward), (Down), (Down-Forward) Press Forward, (Forward), Press a punch button

Or alternatively:

(Down), (Down-Forward), (Forward), (Down), (Down-Forward) Press Forward, Press a punch and HOLD it, (Forward), Release the punch you were holding

Hope that helped :slight_smile:


crLK crLK qcf qcfLP+LK is also a well known way to combo the super its something like doing a kara cancel but its not