ST: Comboing supers


What is going on…
I just started to pick up on this game but I can’t combo into supers. Although I have spent only like an hour trying against the computer, to me, this is unacceptable.

There must be a reason…and timing is the only logical one.

is the timing fast? slow? or very specific like a Ryu C.jab->C.Fierce link?

The only characters I’ve tried is Ryu and Cammy.

Or are there only certain normals that combo? unlike the same ones that work in all the new games?

Ryu, I’ve tried S.Fierce, C.Fierce and C.Forward…no super

Cammy S.Fierce, C.Forward, S.Strong

I’ve even tried a wiffed S.Strong XX into Super and the super came out instantly after the Strong everytime! WTF


you have to buffer the supers or link the supers.

examples would be buffer with ryu a duck mp,hp shinkuu hadoken would be.

down+Mp qcf, d+hp, qcf+p

A link would be ken do ducking short X2 then do the super after it.


is that Ryu combo possible? I can easily link C.Strong into S.Fierce but not C.Fierce.

I kind of want to understand the system more.

Buffering in the new games is like a short cut, but i can always do the supers fast enough to not even bother.
But is it a necessity to buffer in this game?


fei no range


yeah the down mp hp combos. It just has to be like fast i dunno. Just about all characters can do a medium attack to a hard attack. geif all of em.


combo mean fuck. ryu can do much combo. so if ryu can combo and combo mean fuck… what do ryu do???



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If your super is fast enough, you can try to use the Kara method off of repeated jabs/shorts.

Otherwise, you would want to include motion in the combo like Final Showdown said.

Easiest with Ryu would be low forward into Super. QCF, low forward, QCF+P. A smooth double motion with the low forward stuck in right before the end. You don’t have to do it crazy fast either, you can do it pretty slow actually.

Here’s the trick, You have to cancel the kick the INSTANT it connects. Tried it, but you’re getting low forward->FB? You’re not cancelling the kick early enough. This is the one big tp that helped me out a LOT. The same goes for comboing other supers.

Good luck on that s.fierce into super thing. That’s crazy hard.


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Yeah I’ve landed it off shorts and the Crouching Fierce combo that Final Showdown suggested.
Thanks for the help, both of you.
I going to try the low forward combo, seems easy and seems like the one I’ll use most in a match.
Standing Fierce would be crazy, I’d probably ned a Jap Stick or something.


With cammy I’m pretty sure you can do things like crossover short to super and it will combo. Or are you asking without using a crossover?


I’m just talking in general…
but now I’ve reached the point where with Ryu I can do any combo into super…
Ken I found out about that Kara cancel shiet and can short x 2 into super

Next is cammy and the charge characters…

I have come to realize that this is the greatest game of all time, too bad I missed it’s era.




you can combo anything into super with ryu???!
thats pretty cocky…i would love to see you get low short X5 into super or low jab x 3 into super…before you can do these, i wouldnt be talking…haha…im just joking but that is a bold statement you made…can you get low roundhouse into super, or standing forward, or standing roundhouse into super??? you should try these out if you want a real challenge…or fb into super???

what are you talking about?? ST is goin nowhere…its gonna be around for a long time to come…so there is no reason to give it up now…more people are playing it seriously than ever before…

check in a few weeks for a juicy site…

ill answer questions if anyone has any on this subject of comboing supers in ST…most of them just have a little trick, and if you know it, its alot easier than it would seem…

peace out ,



how to combo blanka ass scatching sc?


HAHA no I can’t short into super with Ryu yet…I was being too cocky, your right. Only Forward, Strong and Feirce I’ve comboed with Ryu so far. The jabs and shorts will come soon.

With Ken and Guile I can easily combo off shorts and jabs…easily…

Yea I understand ST is still great, but no arcades around here have it, so I left to remember the days when I was 12 and passed on it for Mortal Kombat…may god help me…


fei had combo?


These are the combos I can do now after some practice:

Ken d+lkx2,super

Ryu d+lk/d+mk,super

Guile d+lpx2,Super

cammy lk,super

Balrog d+lpx3,lp,super

Chun-li lp,hp,super,d,u+k

I need help with methods for these

Dee-Jay d+lp,mp,super

M Bison lk,d+mp/mk,super


I didnt think ryu can combo duck lk,mk. Maybe on a meaty but i didnt no regualr.


Do charge supers need to be buffered as well or can they be done just real fast:

I know with Guile comboing after jabs and shorts you cancel the last jab/short animation into super(or just press lp+lk) but what about Fierce? Or Chun li’s super?