ST Dictator Combos


My dad said he likes to play rushdown, so I basically narrowed his character range to dictator, ken, rog, and dee jay. Anyway what are some good rushdown dictator combos so we can start playing sf together?


This will have everything you need.


Your link is broken, and the actual link does not contain combos… I don’t have st on my person all the time to figure combos out either.


It does contain combos…just scroll down to the combo section.


i actually just found the section and was going to edit my post, but my computer was being rather slow.
Seems like hes based around jump ins… No offense, but this isn’t very good versus a shoto or anyone with a good anti air. I know he likes knockdowns, but at the same time you need some offensive ground pressure combos, and it says in the wiki to only use these when the opp. is dizzied. etc.


No offense but Dics ground pressure is absolutely sick.

After the jumpin section there are ground and meaty combos. Also, his jumpins contain some of the best ambiguous crossup setups in the entire game. You asked for a rushdown character and dics rushdown is ridiculous. And his combo’s are actually among the most damaging as they often dizzy leaving them open for another combo (thats what the dizzy stuff is about, not that you can only use them after a dizzy).


Grog gave the wrong link, this is it

But here is some common M. Bison combos you need to know

Anti Air Jumping mp, Jumping mp x2 juggle(possible to follow up with super for two hits but its kind of impractical)

Crossup J. mk or hk, lk x2, link into crouching mk, cancel into psycho crusher(tod)

Skull Diver, Standing mk or hk

Jump in attack(doesnt really matter but hk or mk are obvious best choices), standing lk x2(or substitute for one crouching mk but youll only have enough time to charge for psycho crusher generally), cancel into scissor kicks or psycho crusher

If you land jumping hk from a relatively far distance I think the best option is simply following up with a standing hk, it has decent dizzy potential… also make sure you practice these heavily and learn how to land these in a match… although I think his ToD is probably the one you will use most often.

Also TNB these combos are definitely not limited to when the opponent is dizzied… I havent read the wiki but I hope the info there isnt misleading.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that you can juggle with jumping mp after landing your super(on the ground), just hold uf so dictator jumps immediately after the super lands, and follow up.


thats how my dad says he likes to fightin reality so yeah.