ST-Did anyone save Apoc's "Killing Vega" thread?


Just in case the follow-up question wasn’t implied strongly enough, if you do have it, would you mind posting it (unless Apoc has an objection)?



There’s quite a bit more but i’ll hold on 'til we see if apoc’s cool about reposting it…

EDIT: ok, jus to be complete I’ve deleted the post, will repost the entire thread after mwc!


Wow! Thanks:D I tried posting here twice but kept getting booted in the last couple of days.

I don’t mind a repost but can u repost it after MWC maybe? Don’t wanna shoot myself in the foot if ya know what I mean, heheh.

Thanks for saving that, if you have the time, please pm it to me. I don’t have it on this pc. I’d like to save it for posterity.

But if you must post it, I won’t be too upset. I posted it originally anyway, heheh. Still MWC is a couple of weeks away so holding off a bit would be appreciated:) Although I won’t hold anything against anyone. It’s really nice to know that I didn’t write that for nothing:)




Many thanks, both to Apoc for writing it and to chaosflare for saving it. I have absolutely no problem with wating a few days until mwc is done with, although given the depth of Apoc’s strategy posts, I doubt that most people would be finished reading the whole thing by then :stuck_out_tongue: