ST Double Typhoon question

If only the old thread was still there before the wipe out…oh well
I can’t remember the timing for the Double Typhoon
I was also wondering if it’s possible to charge partition the 1st part of it as well, although I’m convinced that you can’t
Any help would be appreciated
(playing a japanese T.Hawk player who walks up to me and just does Double Typhoon like there was an extra 720 button on his side)

doing the 1st 360, walking up a bit, then doing another one is charge partitioning, which I’m only aware of exists in 3rd Strike, but I am unsure about Super Turbo…maybe it’s me as well since the game speed is waaay faster than 3rd Strike

You can do a 360 walk a tiny bit, do another one and press a button and you will have a walking super with T-hawk. They give T-hawk more window to do that than Zangief. The only problem with that is that the range for the super is crappy so if that close you may has well go for standing jab, standing short, or sitting short into super.

I’m also trying to do whiffed st. short into Double Typhoon
it’s tight timing, but not impossible

And I have the biggest trouble just doing 360’s off the bat, like I try to just walk up and 360, but its takes a while to spin the stick, and by then I’m usually getting nailed by some random normal

1- Do the piledrive motion so it ends in back position, so at least you will block if they stick something out at the end of the motion.

2- Try negative edging for pile driver or super. This is good for a variety fo reasons. First being that you don’t get initial frames of a normal to come out briefly before the special move (pile driver in this case) comes out, which is the norm. So it won’t be reversable if they’re on the ground. Second they don’t hear you pressing a button, so they won’t expect a move as much as if you had pressed a button after a piledriver.