ST Dreamcast version will be used, STHD delayed past Evo

Thread title says it all. Here we go Dreamcast version.

Sounds good to me. I like that version best, myself.

That’s sounds fair for anyone.

dreamcast is by far the best version for ST for one reason:



That’s pretty cool timing: it means chances are SFHD will be about two weeks old by the time Evo happens. Competition on fresh games is exciting stuff.

i agree.


excellent choice. by far the definitive version of console ST. just sucks that its on a shitty dreamcast. hopefully bluescreens will be friendly to us this time, if we do have to go this route.

I think theres people who have already been playing STHD. Discuss.

whaaaaaaaa???:confused: HOW is the DC shitty???:confused:

“OG’s” like to complain about anything. ST players in general love bitching it seems.

The game itself is fine, apparently the closest a console version has come to being 100% arcade-perfect.

The Sega Dreamcast itself offers a wide variety of malfunctional treats and surprises. Some of its most popular specialties are blue screen crash errors and blown controller ports.

What’s this blue screen thing? I know ALL about the controller port thing. (looks at my TWO useless DC’s because of the ports being blown:shake:)

It’s good you still have 'em! If you’re not afraid of a little soldering, supposedly they can be easily–and permanently–repaired by adding one resistor.

(looks into that)

are you a retard or something? you do realize im commenting on the poor build quality of the console, not the game itself? you mean to tell me that the DC is a great peice of hardware? that the hardware has not caused grief to a lot of players in the marvel community over the years. theres a reason why cvs2 is on ps2

you’re on fucking crack.

One question: If we end up playing on Dreamcast, will converters for playstation sticks be provided?

I thought DC’s could be moded to prevent blue screen from happening?

blue screens suck :annoy:

nope, it was only a theory that got busted years ago. theres no way, the console was just built poorly.

What’s blue screen? How does it happen? I had one DC that had the video go out, but the sound was good, but no blue screen.

Blame MAS not Sega…