ST - DSP_Blanka_Evo2k6_ST_lores

I can’t see this video with any player including winamp, wmp and bsplayer

Which codecs are needed? I even installed last ffdshow version

try vlc media player or install klite mega codec pack just give it to google

o xch sei niubbo asd

-.- Vabbe ma che cazzata che vada solo in vlc eh

VLC media player worked for me.

Where can I download the vid?

Much gratitude.

un problema di codec vlc lo prende solo xch nn ha bisogno di altri codec supportati da windows avendo quasi tutto gi incluso

metti il klite mega pack e vai alla grande con tutti i players

Is it just me, or did the people in that vid not know that you can punished a blocked Rolling Attack?

Do they even know how to play?

Either some of these people are awful or the controllers were messed up. Random machine gun uppercuts and Guile low fierces? People not blocking jumping short? (Not a crossup, just a plain one, the opponent just sits there ducking and eats it) Random knee bazookas? Missing simple combos?

I’ll give people the benefit of the doubt and assume the controllers were screwed up or something, cause this is just ugly.

Edit: I can’t even watch the last 1/3rd, this is horrible. Fucking DHALSIM not even trying to punish a blocked ball attack? This machine was on free play and a bunch of people who had never played ST before lined up?

No disrespect to DSP, his Blanka looks pretty good, but his competition there was garbage. Painfully bad.