ST facebook group


ST represent on facebook! Gotta have more members than the Hyper Fighting group.


Yo whatup zass are u that whiteguy who i met at evoworlds this year that decided to sleep instead of go on a beer run with fishjie, xtg, the epidemic, pablo, umbrellastyle n me? n if that was you i remember u had a really good claw and was the only one able to compete with tokido in casuals? LOL

When i get my facebook up n running i’ll postup here…sooo many ppl wrote on my highschool yearbook i should get a facebook lol guess it’s damn time.


heh i joined! :bgrin:


I joined. Guess which one I am.


I’m in.


Yep that was me :slight_smile:


I nominate myself to be an officer.


I nominate myself to be a Canadian officer. The profile pic is me holding a belt. :lovin:


Hey guys can I join too or is it only for super mega unbeatable pros ?

I wanna be in it too!!

But Im beatable lol.


i joined!


Group is open to all


I just joined.


Count me in as well.

BTW I’m not shy so I started a topic and graffitied that bitch up so post away my ppl!!!
:wonder: :confused: :sad: :lovin: :angel: :wgrin: :rolleyes: :looney: :arazz: :wink: :rofl: :lol: :sweat: :annoy: :wasted:


Craig Stevens is mah name


Joined, forgot this thread existed :chat:


I’m in on this too!