ST: Fei Strats and Details versus tough Matchups

Well I would like to first say that Fei is good, but needs to work hard versus some people.

Fei vs Guile is an example.

Fei needs to get in on Guile, but it is tough, becuz of Guiles low mk, and becuz of his recovery on booms. If Fei hop kicks over booms, he has to be careful that he does the hop kick right when Guile starts the boom or immediately afterward, because if he doesnt (except for full screen hop kicks with mk or hk over mp or fp booms), he may get a low forward when he recovers from the hopkick, or just get pushed back with another boom.

On top of that Fei also has to jump over booms to get close too, and one mis-timed jump can lead to a flashkick, that will allow Guile to set up pressure tactics like boom> jump>mk>land>lowjab>lowstrong/forward>boom and then things fafter that like sobat kick, or boom fakes and another flashkick.

If Fei does get in, and can get Guile into the corner, then he can do the Fei trap if guile does not have a charge, and/or he can rekka safely with the Fp,Fp,Lp rekkas for chip, and/or Fp,Fp,Wait, and if Guile does a boom, Fei can do the Fp,Fp,Fp rekkachain.

If anyone wants to add to this small amount of strategy listed for Fei versus Guile, please be my guest.

Next Opponent I will cover is Fei versus Cammy, whcih I really dont have too much experience with. I would love to hear what others have to add for this matchup. Perhaps after Cammy I will post on Dhalsim.

Late peeps.

fei vs. o. sagat… I die… gg Help me :bluu: :bluu: :bluu:

I agree that Fei can win, and your also right about there being alot of risk to take. As far as playing Watson’s or Chois Guile… I can only imagine what its like to get locked down by those instantly charged, quick boom throwing, suns-uh-guns. Maybe I will get to play one of them in a casual match or something at Evo2k3.

So JSJ, what matchups are moderate for Fei, as opposed to easy. Also, who are his top 3 hardest matches. Is Guile one of his top 3 or 5 toughest matchups?

Thanks for the feedback…


Fei’s top 3 hardest matchups are IMO:

OG Sagat
E. Honda

Followed VERY closely by:

Dee Jay

Fei does really well against Shotos, Zangief, Thawk, Blanka, Cammy, and Guile…but when you come across an expert in a particular fighter, the tables can turn very easily.

Each fighter has a move or a tactic that can shut down whatever fighter he/she is facing…you just have to implement it at the right time. Thats where all the sick strategies and mind games come in, along with reaction and anticipation. For instance, Fei Longs standing fierce can totally stuff OG Sagats tiger shots at the right distance, but then all he has to do is stick out a straight fierce to counter my fierce, so then I wait for him to miss his standing fierce for a free rekka combo, but he anticipates my strategy and goes right back to firing off tiger shots when I am expecting him to miss a standing fierce…back to square one :slight_smile: Or with T.Hawk…all he has to do is knock me down once…if he has a super charged, its pretty much game over…all he has to do is cross me up deep, low strong, cancel into SUPER…its inescapable. Shotos can play hit and run all day, with fireballs and pokes…

I hate sounding like a damn fortune cookie, but its the truth. The only thing Fei Long has going for him are his speed and damaging combos. You’ll see alot of cookie cutter Fei Longs out there, using the same strats that have been seen before in older tourneys, but the competition changes and so do the tactics which makes it even tougher for would be Fei Long players.