ST forum with matchups in FRENCH from a handmade SRK translation!


Hi guys !

Just a tip for those who speak French ! I’m working on the translation of matchups in french, based on what I found here on SRK, thanks to all the job you have done Born2SPD and every one else ! I’m starting with my favorite character : Claw !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Un forum qui a quelques mois maintenant ! Il faut s’inscrire et se présenter, même sommairement, pour avoir accès à son contenu, c’est un forum très orienté “communauté”.


Why is the content password/member protected? It’s traditional to have open access to browse content and limit posting to signed up members.


Hi Zaspacer ! It’s a community-directed forum. If you want to take a look at the forum, you just have to subscribe on it and put a little presentation on the concerned part. This will provide you full access to the forum. I don’t think this forum is pretty usefull for none french speakers ^^


Hmm maybe I’ll join and let my friends in Montreal know… I would do translations of everything but my French sucks since I havent practiced in so long. I still understand though. So if I get misquoted/misinterpreted in French I’d definitely come after it and correct it. I guessing its mainly for an audience in France. Even though my French isn’t the best, I feel there is much the community can learn in terms of mid level and high level knowledge. And in that regard i think i can contribute a lot. As I’ve mentioned many times before I feel you guys have lots of potential… Maybe I should brush up on my French and reboot my twitch stream in French instead of English like I originally intended


Hi Unessential :slight_smile: if you know a Montreal FGC, do not hesitate to show them site forum :slight_smile: They will probably enjoy it !