Sorry if there was a thread about this already but when is the best time to use st.forward? Like i realized that i never even use that normal but i just want to know if there is ever a time to use this?

Fish for counterhit, OS into Super.

Depending on character it’s versatility as a poke in general, stuffing normals/specials or OS>Super varies.

It’s fast and low but in general there are far better ‘general’ normals when it comes to far standing forward. Typically I use it when being fancy or in scenario’s where a 2-3 combo will do the job and I want a little more than what CStrong brings).

SForward will stuff Rufus Rolls and can be cancelled into Super (OS Super you see from quite a lot of top Balrogs, Keno has executed many many many of these in vids vs Rufus), Bison SKicks and various other specials with varying effect.

Outside of that, I use it as a Normal into Headbutt as a basic punish when close enough (Close Standing Forward, obviously not Far Standing).

CSForward into headbutt does slightly more than CStrong into Headbutt (Which is a typical punish) though can be awkward to execute for some - CSForward can be combo’d into from CJabs as well (Two if used REAL deep).

Ultimately it’s mostly just used for what Gillette said but I do like to mix it in now and then, sometimes even in blockstrings.