st.FP (counter-hit)


Searching through the forums i couldn’t find much discussion on deejay’s Fierce Punch. Recently i’ve been messing around with some different juggles that you can get off the counter hit version on both grounded and airborne dummies and i’m mad hype about the possibilities. I wanted to share my results from training mode, speculate on what other juggles may be possible, and ask a few questions about the FP itself. Nothing too groundbreaking for you pro’s out there so feel free to skip to the questions at the bottom if your feeling helpful (basically just wondering if you can juggle into Ultra2 off of a standing opponent like you can if they are jumping in). Here goes:

As you know the counter-hit far standing fierce punch puts the opponent in a juggle state and opens up some pretty interesting opportunities. Here is a quick list of moves and combos that connect after landing a counter-hit fierce punch, most of this is old news I’m sure I would just like to compile a list for discussion:

Mid-screen grounded dummy-
-All normals can juggle standing or crouching with the exception of cr.rh it seems. You need to walk forward a bit for all normals to connect save for roundhouse. Weak moves give you a quick reset, medium and strong moves push the dummy back a bit. Crouching mk lands a hard knockdown.
-The only jumping attacks that appear to work are jump towards jab, strong and fierce.
-Air slashers and sobat kicks of all strengths.
-Ultra1 (4 hits?)
-Super mk and rh versions (all but the last hit?)
-Air slashers mp and fp versions and all sobat kicks cancel into super (use mk or rh versions)

Corner grounded dummy-
-All normals connect in the corner, however, you can’t dash under the reset? Walk toward for cl.rh
-Slide connects
-Jump toward short, jab, forward and fierce can be timed differently to land on either side of dummy
-Air slashers, sobat kicks, jackknife maxs all connect. Can’t get more than one upkick to connect.
-Ultra1 (4 hits?)
-I can’t get Ultra2 to come out in time but it should work, no?

Anti-air counter-hit
-All the above mentioned
-Cr.rh, Ultra2

Anti-air counter-hit corner
-All of the above

  • Cr.rh, mk jackknife maxout

All the above have been tested on dan in the training room with counter-hit turned on and they all connect. Please let me know if you have any others to add. The following are some ideas i have but have not been able to pull off:
-Counter-hit fp, cr.rh, Ultra2 on a grounded opponent?
-Counter-hit fp, cr. rh, up kicks mid-screen?
-Counter-hit fp, airslasher fadc, anything?

Think these are possible? Have any to add that we can test?

All that being said, I never really incorporated deejays fierce punch into my gameplan so I do not really know if any of this technology comes into play very often or not. Moreover, I don’t understand how the move works really. Here are a few questions I’ve been wrestling with:

  1. More often than not the words ‘counter hit’ appear on the screen but there is no juggle. Know why this is?
  2. Are any of you getting this counter-hit off in match play at all? If so, can you describe situations or match-ups where it can be useful.
  3. It seems the move gets beat by a few of the jump-ins that i tried in the lab. Is this true or is there a way to time it to be more successful?
  4. Does the anti-air version of this move allow for more juggle opportunities than the grounded version?
  5. Special moves like Guy’s bushin izuna otoshi or Cammy’s hooligan combo seem to act like the grounded version of the counter-hit FP with less juggles is that true? Are there specials that do give you the anti-air counter-hit, or is that just for jump-ins, or am I wrong about the whole anti-air vs grounded theory?
  1. first active frame only and the have to be standing or airborne
  2. Viper Burn Kicks and Chun’s hazanshus are easy to catch.
  3. no. it sends the opponent into a free juggle state. The only reason the anti air version might have more opportunities (if i’m reading this right) is because they’ll be higher off the ground.
  4. Any move hit during the startup with give you a counter hit.

which is why they should give DJ one less frame of recovery on air slasher…eating all that damage on mildly slow jumpin looks silly to me…not as silly as Roses situation tho. :stuck_out_tongue: slowmotion “FIIIIIIYAAAHHBAWWWWLLLL”