ST: Full life combos


anyone know any full life combos?


Chunli: Jump in fierce, land, standing fierce xx kikouken dizzy crouching forward xx super, rising kick

Guile: jump in fierce, land, close fierce xx sonic boom, back fist dizzy jump in fierce land, close fierce xx sonic boom, super

I know some heavy hitter combos, but those are the only 100% I know.


where rog’s?


how the hell do you do c.foward super in that game for anyone? i dont understand how to link supers, i obviously dont play this game :smiley:


u play hf?


waitaminute… How the -hell- do you do close s.fierce > sonic boom > super flash kick with Guile?


I think Cammy’s is the easiest, since you really only need one hit and there is no super required.

j.Short, s.Fierce, c.Forward, RH Spiral Arrow, opponent dizzies, repeat combo, match is over.

And to link supers in ST, you have to do something like this: QCF, D+Forward, DF, F+P…

It takes a while to get used to, but it’s pretty simple.


I’m not sure if the combo connects(into the super), but when the opponent is stunned with the sonic boom, you then do the super, and the opponent can’t block. It takes a lot of skill to do this, so you might as well do one of Guile’s easier combos.


Found some big combos


cross over roundhouse, c.strong, c.strong xx hadouken dizzy jump in round house(cross over works too), s.fierce xx shoryuken


jump in roundhouse, s.fierce(close-up) xx tiger shot dizzy jump in round house, s.fierce(close) xx tiger uppercut


jump in fierce, s.fierce(close-up) xx super, head but(not likely to connect head butt)


Tarkanx needs to pass the crack pipe over to someone else and lay off of it.

Derek Daniels


you know, if people stopped worrying so much about big combos, and canceling moves into supers, then maybe they would actually take the time to learn how to play instead…


can rog fuck ryu?


some of combo may not be for match. Some are mind confuse!!! Set up may be require for crazy combo.

Ryu vs zangief

Cross up roundhouse, 6+fierce, 2+strong, 2+fierce, hcf+fierce dizzy, 236+jab, 6+fierce, 2+foward, 236X2+punch

This cool combo as cool as it flow, and is style.

From 3/4 distance 236+jab, tiger knee tatisamki senpuu kyaku foward, land 2+fierce, 236X2+punch

may not kill but it is differnt look combo.

There is many combo for ryu use imagineation!

ryu is best man.

Here some strong combo i like for ken.

vs zangeif

Cross up roundhouse, stand mp, 236+k(held), 236X2+p

super most be link it hard time but cool.

Vs zangief also

Cross up roundhouse, 2+foward, 236+k(held) 2+roundhouse, 214+ roundhouse(this will miss) dizzy, 632+k, 2+short, 236+K

many kicks!!!


ryu will assume the fucker!!! he head rip rog like silly headless chicken!


rog rock ryu for free sim burn ryu for free


Nevermind this post.

Good question.

How DO you do that?!?



Or you could just finish your previous combo with a Backhand.



Did yall know that Bison’s standing MK hits Sims whiffing standing Strong from 3/4 screen distance for free??

Just a random “this beats that” thought.

Please post these types of thoughts if you feel like it.



fei ah


not at all, how do u buffer supers?