ST: gief combos

i’ve heard from a previous thread from srk, i forgot which one, that said that you could end gief combos by do the spinning piledriver…is this true? if so can you give me some of them as well as some good tactics for using gief, because he is my favorite sf2 and st character. thanks in advance

spd does not combo from anything. They are mostly ticked into.

Real gief combos:

crossup splash, low jabx2, low rh

crossup splash, low jabx2, s.jab, banishing flat.

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I wrote a whole guide for zangief on the Hyperfighting and ST Thread.:smiley: :cool:

If I were you I would play Old Zangief, that way you will always get the spd out instead of the banishing flat.

He is one example of how to snatch with Zangief: If oppenent is knocked down(if distanced right) do a cross up body splash 2 low jabs, c.short,or s.short, after it hits then do the spd motion(do not try to buffer the 360 off the c.or s.short, you must let it hit).
The same thing can be done if blocked since it is fool proof.
“Either way if they get touched by the short, they are going for a ride.” (Apoc):cool:

right on guys thanks for the input with gief. he’s honestly my favorite character next to and ken. :smiley:

If you’re playing the DC version (dunno if it works in arcade or not)

crossup splash, d.jab x3, s.jab, SPD = DIZZY! :slight_smile:

Then do the super… mwahaha.

As for REAL combos… Gief can link stuff after his d.jab, s.strong and s.short. Make up some combos. Another neat thing is that his far s.jab does lots of damage. and is really fast.

Actually with Zangief you can do combo links like: strong, forward, crouch jab, crouch roundhouse. And you may add a body splash crossover before all that. Not bad for a grappler, right? :slight_smile:

Dizzy combo:

Crossup Splash, Close Strong, Standing Short, Sitting Roundhouse

The following dizzies too but technically not a combo:

Crossup Splash, Sitting jab, Sitting jab, Sitting Forward, (360 + Roundhouse - Does running grab)