ST/GMC at NEC in Philly


just to let anyone know who’s considering going, i will be bringing 2 head to head setups to NEC. they will have grand master challenge in them and the sticks are 2x seimitsu LS56, 1 LS32, and 1 sanwa JLF. if you can play on a TE you can play on the cabs. 2 capcom impress and 2 new astro cities.

the tournament will be on SATURDAY, and will feature a singles and a team tournament. the cabs will still be there on sunday but only for casuals. i don’t know much about entry fees etc as i am really only handling the equipment. i haven’t seen anything posted about this so here it is.

pic of cabs here……ge/100035/IMG_0397

hopefully someone with more detailed info will chime in…


also, if there are a lot of people for casuals, i may throw the 2 player controls back in the astro cities so that we can have 4 setups happening. i personally have no patience and hate waiting in line. I’m more interested in letting everyone get a chance to play, and would like to see ppl playing even if they suck(like me). there is in fact a cps2 (GMC) in each cab. any thoughts or ideas anyone?


Um, AWESOME! You stole my heart with the “2x LS56” part. Thanks so much for putting this setup together for the ST community!


That’s so sick. 2 h2h for a major. If you live close to vegas we’ll be all set every year for EVO :stuck_out_tongue:

I know you have a lot of cabs & ST boards, so I assume you probably have a lot of parts too.
Can I ask why the choice of 2x seimitsu LS56, 1 LS32, and 1 sanwa JLF?
Why not make them all LS32 or all JLF?

BTW, anyone know if NEC will stream this? Tmonkey / sabin?


im pretty sure its getting streamed. the single player control panels are made to accomodate the LS56 so thats why i put those in. at the time, i didnt realize that the jlfs work if you remove the mounting plate. i honestly dont notice a difference between the 2. oct gate works better on the ls56 but these will have the default square gate.


Those h2h setups are pretty sick. Too bad I’m way out here in the west coast…these setups would be VERY welcome at Evo.


i def cant stream, dont have the equipment to stream from arcade boards


Dontblowthis will be streaming the event so no need to worry.


i should have an XRGB2 anyday now(fingers crossed).


good shit see you this weekend


Yes sir thx for the shot outs on the steam =)


Awesome setup with Mike’s cabs and DBT’s streaming. Sorwah is still trying to get his Sanwa/Happ combined cab up. NEC is supposed to have a couple of superguns in case of any issues. For emergency purposes, I’ll bring my supergun again as well.

So to recap NEC details, ST will take place -this- Sat. (12/3) at 2pm. With both team and singles tourneys set to happen, don’t expect a delay. When you’re there, find Mars to sign up. Singles entry will be around $10 so money shouldn’t be an issue. Have fun!



I mean make us st stream monster’s life easier.

a online challonge bracket so we can follow along.
World class commentary from tmonkey/sabin/rambo/howard
If possible please interrupt the players who just finished a game for a short review <---- these are great

Is that too much to ask =]

I’m actually very curious what the teams would be?

mars/ganelon rambo/howard damdai/tmonkey?


I feel naked now that my partner commentator will not be showing up (Rambo) =(, but I will try my best to do everything you asked for pap!!


Just remember guys tournament will be starting at around 2pm EST saturday, and will be streamed @


What time is ST gonna be over?
What time will it start Sunday for casuals?


cant wait to see everyone.


i will be getting there at 7pm tonight (friday). anyone gonna be around for some games?!


Thanks for everything mike. Best looking room at NEC.

ST singles (36 players)

  1. damdai (ohawk, oken, oryu)
  2. ganelon (claw)
  3. marsgattai (guile)
  4. techmonkey (chun)
  5. psychochronic (chun)
  6. sabin (dhalsim)
  7. jeron (claw, dic, chun)
  8. steve h (osagat)

ST teams 2v2 (15 teams)

  1. damdai (ohawk) & ganelon (claw)
  2. marsgattai (guile) & comeback (boxer)
  3. techmonkey (chun) & mike idge (ryu)


36 players. Nice turnout! Hopefully we can match it for SCR. :slight_smile:

What was the entry fee?