ST Good Games/Shout outs Thread


In the spirit of keeping ST alive (fuck the wooorld) I wannna show anyone that might come in this section that ST is still being played and enjoyed by a bunch of cool peeps.

I´d rather have this thread right here where all my ST heads kick it.
Follow suit and have at it.

Good shit to Psychostasis. Keep practicing that Sako tick until you your hands hurt. Fight that urge to spin right away. You already got a nice Hawk man.

ggs to jdm. I would have played more but I had to go pick up my daughter.

ggs as usual to that gaylord pasky. You can just start calling me Sim cause I DRILL THAT ASS ALL DAY ERR DAY lol.


I thought that’s what the ggpo chatroom is for, and ggs thread is only for those console poor bastards :slight_smile:

Anyway, ggs to JLOVER the ryu master from taiwan yesterday. You’re truly amazing.


Maybe if your internet wasn’t fuck I could play you and come to this thread and say ggs.

oh and ggs to girahffe, hyphenated, and jdm this morning. I would have played more but I have class.


GGS dj frijoles its cool man theres always next time!

idk who ritual3 is but ggs bro


ggs to ritual3 too, he’s a machine with those AAs


Ritual3 = Ultracombo aka cock swallower

ggs on my dick.


buncha cool shit with kuroppizzy just now. backwards meaty supers backwards cross up splashes and walk unders. good shit as usual.


Ooh ok. guess thats his undercover name


Ggs to: superdood1 and SuperV



GGs to Sagat. I’m really horrible at this game, but good thing there is a character like Sagat in this game designed for beginners like me so that I can at least hang with all the monsters out there. :woot:


That’s a funny way of spelling Chun Li.


ggs to people i played at ncr, i dont know the dudes name but he is insane with blanka and he bodied my guile free

and shit i wish my pc didnt have a virus so i could play on ggpo with yall

soon enough ill be on there tho


ggs hater


I’m never playing ggpo until papasi talks to me again.



ggs to you as well philcito.

Also ggs djfrijoles, you tore me apart.


Good shit man. Nice Rog.


GGS to all I have played with in this thread. :slight_smile: Anyone going to evo? I am seriously giving arcana heart a chance after playing it just once.


ggs to robbiers… he has a nice sim and a nasty chun, good ken vs sim-chun matches i was forced to change my strategy against your annoying sim, good shit sir.


ggs to all the cool cats i played tonight (riz0ne, PerfectionistNominee, TheMuffinMan, CigarGirl,and the random mexican that rage quit on me twice…). most productive day of this week by far (wait this week hasn’t ended yet)