ST:HD Bad Games Thread



You know what do: spin your fiery web of hate in here!


BG to “john verb”

Well, they were good games actually cause you were kicking butt with Guile, but then you couldn’t take defeat could you? Just as Seirouk was about to snap your ~10 game winning streak, you disconnect?

Good job… :rolleyes:


BG to Augustus Cole: Dropper.


BG to DoomedFiend: Spams Cr.Roundhouse with Ken.


preemptive bad games to 95% of all online scrubs


this. Good lookin out.

Soft competition so far, with a few exceptions.


Robertjall, Rog headbutt spammer. Counterthrew his lame bs, then he dropped and the drop caused my game to crash.


BG to BINNISMAN09: Spam Lightning Legs with Chun.


BG’s to myself, I need my stick :crybaby:


wow good ol’ xbox live. I didn’t catch dudes gamertag, but my brother just stomped his scruby lag-spam chun with Fei Long, and the loudest “Fuck you faggot!” came blaring out the speakers haha


I haven’t gotten this for XBL yet, but got the PS3 version, and I have to say, the lack of droppers and people cursing over there is refreshing for a change. :slight_smile: I’ve gotten dropped on once the past 2 days… I know that would’ve been 100 times more on XBL lol.


I’ve had no drops yet


I had some jm####(random numbers) guy threaten to disconnect on me if I kept using Chun’s neckbreaker kick on him. Of course, I stopped, beat the crap out of him with all of Chun’s other shit, and he DC’ed after his loss anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


You ain’t the only one. I’m still raping with Cammy, but man, I’d be doing better with a stick.


I’m gonna post just in case someone posts about me later on lol. My internet is shitty (like real shitty), and it tends to cut out sometimes so if that happens and anyone’s playing me, please understand, it’s not intentional. In fact about 85% of my losses have come from that =[.

Matter of fact I’m gonna put something like that in my sig hahah.


judging from ur play in SF4 i doubt ur the sore loser type to cut/drop there match. there are also a bunch of sore losers out there me and this guy “kenmastersshory” we had a great match but i won after he threw a dash punch low and i hit him wiht my lighting legs super. this dude message me said i was garbage LOL.:rofl:


LOL wow. I had some random Guile player (I wish I could remember his name) call me a pussy because I got past his pattern of sonic boom, walk up low rh, rh flash kick hahah. Man this is simply too fun, it’s like 300x better than HF.



and he thought that was foolproof? LOLOLOLOLOL

this game is so amazing. i have never had so much fun with street fighter in my life. actually, scratch that, fighting games in general. even with losses, this game is fun.

if this gets on the game list at evo (like it won’t), i have got to try to make it.


Forget the name, though it did have BJ in it so I remember that part. Played Ken and just spammed the same fucking fireball setup that I’ve seen for the past 10 years against my Honda. Let them have their fun for a bit until I made them realize that jab torpedo can stuff that. Killed them quick and right at the end as it was showing the “Honda Wins” thing they let out a Fuck You and disconnected.



Welcome to the new world warrior, scrubs! Now GTFO!