ST: HD Remix Need it's own forum

Come on admins, let’s get on it. This is going to be the most happening online game until SF4 comes out.

It has one…

**Forum **not thread. See those 4 categories under where it says sub forums?

Capcom Vs. SNK 2 for Xbox Live
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for Xbox Live
SNK Games for XBox Live!
Everything else for Xbox Live!

Everything within or below those things are threads not forums. The fact that there are two good games and bad games threads is stupid.

It does have one. Just keep going down and look in the Strategy Zone.

I mean a discussion forum, not a strategy forum.

The strategy forum for any of the games in the strategy thread also double as the discussion forum. There’s a general HD Remix discussion thread in the strategy section. GG’s and BG’s threads are just drama starters any ways. Otherwise you can always go to GameFAQs if you simply just wanna discuss any general thing about HD Remix.

How does telling someone GGs start any drama? Anyways… I’ll start looking in the strategy section. Thanks!

It may not need it’s own forum like Street Fighter IV, but it definatly does need it’s own sub-forum in the XBOX Live section.

I started a thread on issue in the everything else subforum on this very issue, not seeing this thread because I was in a different forum. (I duplicated that thread here before checking for this one, my bad)

One benefit of doing so, would be reduction of confusion and community splitting for posts here in general XBOX live vs the everything else subforum in which many HDR threads continue to get made. It splits the community unnessessarily.

The other is organization. I thought the HDR stuff would be in everything else since AE had it’s own forum, expecting the XBL catagory to be general xbox live stuff not specific to any game.

Finally I would note that AE with it’s much smaller remaining community seems to rate a sub-forum of it’s own, so why not HD Remix? All the same threads that people might be concerned about like gg’s and bad games threads are proliferating here anyway. So the threads are already there, they just might as well be gathered up into one place.

Think about it as containment, it keeps that kind of stuff from infecting other forums.

I agree. The organization regarding HDR is lacking…

i concur also, i think it needs it’s own thread

lol wut? So basically you disagree? To me more organization on forums this large is a good thing. It would be nice to move everything about HDR to its own area since its the only game I play right now. I can see how over-crowding the forums with multiple sub-forums is an issue though.