ST-HDR Settings and speed

Okay so let me start off by saying that I have searched the forums. I’m not a newb, but I have a question about the default settings in STHDR. When I play on ggpo, everyone plays at speed 2 (default). Supposedly speed 3 fucks with frame data and timing. So If your going to play ST competitively, you should play at sped 2 right? So HDR has there speed all fucked up cause it actually has 5 speeds including 0 being a speed. Therefore making 2 the default speed cause its in the middle. But to my understanding, HDR’s default settings have the speed at 3? So in tournaments do regular ST players have to adapt to speed 3?

I think that its BS cause I cant ever get meatys on speed 3 in HDR. On speed 2 I have them perfect 8 of 10 times I attempt them. Is it just me or is there a big difference? I guess only the other high level ST players can tell cause a lot of people say its no biggie yet they don’t know how to break most tick throws if not all. Correct me if I am wrong but there is a difference in timing when SRK’ing out of bisons Fierce scissor kick-throw move am I right? I’ve noticed it. Hell the other day I was playing Isaac (good as shit at ST ) at a friends house and couldnt even srk when i wanted to but then I get on ggpo and everything comes out perfectly on speed 2.

HDR is on GGPO? Huh?

And hi oBryan.

No I’m basically asking if speed 2 on HDR is equivalent to speed 2 on the arcade version of ST

Oh… Super Turbo and it’s many speed problems.

Okay, from what I remember, US ST and JP ST have the turbo settings all weird. US was listed as Turbo 0-3 and JP was listed as Turbo 1-4. But then you realize “Wait a damn second, there’s only 3 turbo listings!” Well, then there’s the bios settings that lists out Turbo X-X and then there’s a free select option which uh… yeah >.>; I heard there were some slight speed differences between Free Selected and Bios Selected Speeds… but that’s just what I heard, might not be true.

For US ST, the default is speed 2. JP ST’s default is speed 3. They are both the same speed. HDR’s default speed of 3 is the same speed to match this. For the most part, you can see HDR as using the Japanese scale, with 0 being added as a bonus from Sirlin for combo video makers to screw around with.


i play speed 3 on ST on the Cabinet, i play speed 2 on GGPO because everyone prefers it, i use default speed on HDR (whatever it is?). I dont notice any difference at all on any of them. I can reversal out of ticks no problem and i use charge characters.

Some people might notice the difference and they might be able to help you out more, but I would say that it isnt an issue for everyone.

Well, I can only play on speed 2 on ggpo and speed 2 on HDR… I feel that they are the same… I cant get meatys as good on any other speeds.

Haha, well they get meatys either way. Just have to work at it.

The default speed between ST and HDR are different but 3 for HDR seems the closest imo… Ganelon made a post about this, if only I remembered where to find it…

Am I imagining things, but is arcade speed 3 (fastest setting) faster than HDR speed 4?

Nevermind, found my answers here: