ST Honda

I could have sworn :lp::mp::hp::lp::hp: works? does it work on AE? IF not ive gone insane

illshill: Quick terminology lesson…

“Negative” comes from the technique “Negative Edge”. Simply RELEASE a button (instead of pressing it) to do your special move. (This means you must have the button already pressed). Since Ochio has no whiff animation, if you “Negative Edge” it, Honda will either DO the Ochio or do nothing if he can’t land it (no whiff punches).

“Stored” means you can do your motion for your move, and STORE the motion so that you can wait until needed and simply just hit a button and your special move comes out. To do this with Ochio, do half-circle back motion, and then HOLD the joystick at Back or Down-Back. As long as you keep holding one of these directions, you can just hit punch when they get close to you and Honda will automatically do the Ochio.

With these 2 techniques combined, you get easy blocking Ochios.

As for easy HHS, the only way I know is in my post on first page.

archetype: I did my testing on PS2 AE. I guess you’re insane?? :slight_smile:

holy crap…that’s freaken useful. thanks a bunch.

archetype: it doesn’t seem to work for me on AE. i’m probably doing it wrong or something…instead i’ve been medium hhs. i’m content with it.

thanks again for the help :tup:

Any tips for fighting Chun Li?

I’m having trouble with the Ochio. I can’t seem to get the negative edge thing to work, and when I cross someone up I don’t know when I should be doing the motion and storing it and stuff. I’ve played against people who hit it consistently over Gief and Hawk SPD ticks, but I can’t do the same thing for some reason, even if I have it stored. Any recommendations?

erm u just need 4 punch inputs for hundred hand slap.the only reason u probably do more is because of the move u buffered from. If you are talking about ST…

So do u have problems getting it out or landing it? It comes in handy when your opponent messes up a combo. For example, me and my friend was playing and he crossed me up with guile and used short. When he was still in the air and crossed me and I did the turning animation I did :hcb:. The short then hit me but i blocked it and he landed trying to do a crouching :lp: But I figured there might be a gap in the hits so i hit :hp: while still storing the ochio and I did it on him.

Sometimes I jump in with :lk: but hit it kinda late and do the :hcb: + :hp: before I land and let the :hp: go while still holding back. I use negative edge for that a lot.

Capmaster: You might want someone with more experience explain this match. I don’t have that much success against her but I try to pressure her with hands and ass drops. sorry thats all I got on that :(.



I personally don’t see the point in doing it negative edge what so ever but thats just me. When you cross someone up just do cross up, standing jab or low jab into ochio - stop being a pussy and do the whole motion. Cross up straight into ochio is hella good also.

If honda jumps in versus Zangief and Zangief blocks, even if Zangief does Reversal SPD, ochio still wins. I hate that fucking matchup.

The reason to store it is to have it as a reversal - not for attacking with it offensively IMO. Half of balrog’s game is Low Forward into throw and as Honda you just store ochio, block low forward and press one button and get instant reversal - no timing required.

In summation (I like that word ) my guide to playing honda - jab, strong, fierce, jab, fierce DOES NOT work for ST honda, negative edge is pointless - just do the whole damn motion and stored ochio is broken.


Projectile characters are some of the toughest matches for Honda. According to any ranking system, Honda has disadvantages against nearly every projectile character in the game. Whlie I agree with the stats in that regard, there are things that a Honda player can do to have the upset occur more often than not.

SAGAT - Sagat actually has difficulty in this matchup. In this matchup, Honda can play from pratically any distance and maintain a lead. Sagat cannot throw his low Tiger Shot, as Honda can fly over it with his Sumo Torpedo. Even if there’s a trade (this may happen on recoil from the Torpedo), it is usually in Honda’s favor. If Sagat throw a high Tiger Shot, his hitbox is SO OPEN for a forward+standing roundhouse kick, which will knock him down. With that in mind, try to keep Honda, at farthest, within range of this knockdown attack. If you happen to knock Sagat down, get in quickly and go for Uchio setups.

DHALSIM -Another victory match for Honda. Abuse an early get-in with the HHS, and go for the Uchio. Dhalsim has severe difficulty with HHS, as Honda can close the distance in a fraction of a second. Dhalsim players are usually stuck with blocking if you HHS XX Sumo Slam XX HHS. Block damage is your friend - exploit the living shit out of it! :slight_smile:

SHOTO/CHUN/DEEJAY/GUILE - These five are going to be your nightmare matches. These matches will require more mindwork than any other matches you play. All of these characters can tripguard trap you (throw their projectile, and low roundhouse your jumpin/sumo slam) You need to get in when the opponent isn’t expecting you to come in, and that may take some patience on your part as well as watching to see if your opponent falls psychologically into any patterns (for example, does your opponent throw out two fireballs and waits for a potential jumpin?). On the other hand, you’re going to have to be a man and takes a few blocked fireballs to make the opponent think you’re going to go for a roundhouse sumo slam or jumpin. Instead, try jumping straight up and push forward while pressing Fierce. It’s wierd, but Honda can move horizontally while performing this move. Time it right and you can get over most fireballs (Ken, Chun, Guile, and Dee Jay’s jab projectiles are impossible to get around as they move too slow to get around.) Another thing to do to gain ground is to do a Short or Forward Sumo Slam. Whichever attack you do depends on the character you’re playing and how far away you two are from one another. If you are getting hit by the opponent during the slam, they are waiting for you to make a move in. If you can, use the move to get through projectiles, but not necessarily to get on the opponent. Instead, land and HHS some more. You’ll get a bump of speed to move in and land some blocked hits on them. The opponent may start to panic and throw out moves out of confusion. Exploit confusion with more trapping. Remember, the standing forward+roundhouse trip will knock down an opponent, and you can totally hit them while in their projectile animation. You can also counter with jumping roundhouse, but throw out the kick early. Don’t know if you noticed, but Honda has some range on that kick. Try to time your jump for the instant the opponent attempts to throw out their projectile.

I typically do not tick the Uchio. If anything, I’ll jumpin with a splash or down+short and Uchio. If I do tick, I use jab, short, HHS, or Super. I store the Super well beforehand, so it comes out right after the attack.

Back to work - good luck!

Yes, once Honda “gets in” on Dhalsim, there’s not much Dhalsim can do to counter in terms of anti-air.

But there are a few tricks to get away.

Once dhalsim gets ANY distance from E. Honda, there’s not much Honda can do. I’ve played against the best E.Hondas in the country: Painter, Chris Li, Gould, etc. E. Honda never strikes fear in me. In fact, I only need three specific moves to defeat E. Honda: jab fireball, standing Roundhouse or jumping jab.

Agreed Shirts. I never said that Sim can’t win this match, just that it’s tough.

I have a few theories on what Sim could do (I’m a Sim player myself), but I’d rather play it out before something gets typed up and taken by others as the Gospel. Do you happen to hop on Live anymore with Jason? I know it’s not perfect, but it’s a better platform than nothing.

Hehe… I’ve played all those foolios too (Painter, Li, and Gould) and they are the highlights of highend Honda play. Tin Ang was also a really good Honda player, but he’s been out of the country about four years now.

Ah, I remember Tin from B4.

I haven’t jumped on XBL in a while. I don’t play games, period, as much as I did before. Most of my passion and hours are now spent trying to further my design career.

Are you playing more and more now? I wish I could go to an ECC, but it’s really too far and I don’t enjoy flying. Maybe we can play at Evo?


Wow, talk about blast from the past. I wondered what happened to Tin, now I know thanks.

Yo I need a bit of Honda help. Is there anyway to somehow “mask” the button imputs for the hands. Sometimes I think my opponents could hear me hitting the punch buttons getting ready to blast HHS out. I don’t want then hearing me mash :mp: and then know its coming and dragon punch my stuff. Thx

Play head-to-head. :confused:

If he’s listenning for your inputs, he’s smart. I don’t know how you would mash “quietly”, you’d be able to figure it out as best as I could. Because of this you can try to “fake” your inputs. Mash kicks or something. Or mash during a move, but not enough to get the HHS. Bait out his DP.

If you mix it up, and he always hears you revving up the buttons, but you don’t ALWAYS do it, you’ll make it harder for him.

Yeah thx man. Sometimes I start mashing but i don’t do it enough to try to fake it out. I also thought about tapping :lk: or :mk: and pressing a punch right after so that it seems like Im hitting kicks but then hands come out. I also try to hit the punch buttons as quietly as I can LOL.

Also, If i knock Ryu down for example and I store and ochio, and the ryu player reversal DP right when i let punch go since i negative edged it, if Im RIGHT next to him will i still get hit? or will honda block the DP? THX

Yes you will block the DP.

But throwing people straight off the ground when they get up is a bad idea usually… because you can’t really do it. :confused: You can throw people straight after hitstun/blockstun, but not right when they get up (and also when they’re landing on their feet fter getting hit out of the air.)

I guess there is a little bit of no-throw time there, because they other guy can ALWAYS throw you first easily. If you wait a split second so they totally get up, you can throw, but they can still easily throw you first in the meantime.

If they’re uber-anxious to bust you off of them (wake-up DP/super) and they’re always hitting your ticks, maybe you could bait it out… But they have more than enough time to easily throw you so watch out.

It’ll only work really if they have a brain fart, and are super-defensive… Scared of HHS or a tick or something and don’t try to throw. :confused:

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your help got me into finals at evo this year! thanks for this great thread.