ST- How do you fight a Throwing Chun?

I consider Myself to be pretty Good At Super Turbo, but today i ran into a tactic that i could not beat, Some dude picked Chun-Li and walked up to me and starting Fierce Punching me into block Stun and immediately throwing it seemed like a trap sometimes i would even take the hit and i would still get thrown? I’ve fought a lot of really good Chun-li’s and i have never faced this before. He was beating me with one button!?!?!?:lol:

  Anyway is there a way out of this Trap/tactic?  Is it considered Cheesy or Scrubby?!?!?  I feel like a scrub just losing to it! Im guessing you can do a jab dragon with Ryu or Ken in between the punch and the throw, but i was trying it and it didnt work, Maybe my timing was off i dont know?   Any Pro ST players please respond.  I can use pretty much everyone in the game, so feel free to post Counter Strats with whatever character? 

 I wanted to use Chun-Li against it but then i would have felt like a scrub if i won, even more so if i lost:rolleyes: 

Any advice is greatly appreciated

have u tried ot rush him down, br this pattern starts?

OT? im unfamiliar with that acronym? Anyway even if i rush him down with whoever if he knocks me down even once he can start the pattern again, i wish i could show you wht he did because it seems near impossible to get out of

you can do a reversal, like a dragon punch or something. Or at least try to tech the throw.

when he nocks you down, when you get up throw him when he tries to hp you in blockstun. throws beat meaty attacks

Who are you using against Chun ?
If it’s a new character just Tech the throws…it’s much easier to Tech hit in ST than any other SF game . The maqtch up problem all depends on who you use . Chun has massive throw range and her standing strongs have big priority so she can lock you down with 2-3 strongs then throw you easily . Counter DP is good if you can pull it off in time .


  1. mash on c.jab or c.shorts.
  2. pick a character with high priority throws (vega, sim) and throw him first.
  3. reversal dp
  4. jump and land a combo.

And no, it’s not cheesy or scrubby. The person who falls for that is scrubby. Thx.