ST input wierdness


I’ve found that if you hit back then forward immediately, you have 5 frames after releasing back that will still let you block projectiles (and probably any attack). In fact, your character will step forward and still block a fireball even though you aren’t holding back. This can be a potential “walk forward/block an anticipated fireball option select” by just hitting 4, 6 really quickly as you walk forward. People have already probably been doing this, but this kind of shows such an input doesn’t only block for the brief amount you are holding back. I think if you had an input device like the hitbox that uses buttons for directions instead of a stick, you could be really abusive in walking forward while still blocking projectiles since you can avoid neutral and move from back to forward much more quickly.

Note that inputting a jump will seem to immediately cancel your blocking ability.

I am thinking you could abuse this blocking ability with gief with a tick for wakeups you can’t safejump. has a 0f recovery and can be used as a safe meaty against probably all reversals except maybe ken’s fierce dp. You could probably option select the meaty into an SPD motion from back and then just block if the opponent reversals or be able to SPD after the if he doesn’t reversal at that point.

I was wondering why hk chicken wing would come out a lot less than other moves and why I would constantly get stepkick, so I tested inputs in frame advance on Turbo 1. It turns out that if you move from 6 to 9 and input hk on the first frame you hit 9, you will actually get the stepkick command normal 6+hk. After that, you only have two more frames to input hk to get the chicken wing before you unable to input. Therefore, you only actually have a 2f input window to input the hk, and it is harder than a normal 2f input window since you can’t input hk for 2 frames before that window or you will get the stepkick. The same input wierdness appears with mk and the overhead. I do not think you can kara cancel these command normals.

Kara cancelling into mk or hk wing will give you a bigger input window. However, you won’t get the mk or hk chicken wing if you input 6 to 9 quickly and input the mk or hk on the first frame you hit 9! However, if you release lk to kara cancel into lk chicken wing, you will get lk chicken wing! This shows that there is wierdness with chicken wing and the two kick command normals. After the first frame on 9, you have 3 frames to input mk or hk to kara cancel. You can also kara cancel from which I feel is more reliable than since you will avoid the possibility you hit mk or hk on the first frame from 6 to 9. If you kara cancel and mess up the input, you also will just get a whiff or instead of a jump-in or stepkick you didn’t want.

I’ve noticed wierdnesses in gief ticks from 1+lp jab setups followed by a 8426+p for the spd input (which is very important when near the corner since it lands gief closer to the opponent). When ending in mp or hp, I will often not get the SPD and will sometimes get the hop. However when ending in lp with the same timing and input, I will get the SPD.