St. Johns New Foundland

Sup fellas…

Anyway, I have a quick question for you all.

I might make a trip to St. Johns New Foundland for my job and work there for like 2 or 3 months, can anyone tell me how it is there (I mean living overall, nothing to do with games)? Im guessing it’s super cold and rough during winter, but any other info/suggestions would be great. Like is the pub scene cool? and how is the scenery?


I wonder if people have internet in Newfoundland. Honestly I have no clue how it is there. Sorry this post was useless.

If you’re black you’ll get all the pussy downtown at the clubs.

You’ll also be like the only black guy in the whole province.

Clubs/Pub scene is pretty lively. Head to world famous George street and you’ll be set. I think it sets some kind of world record for number of bars per area. Grear city in the Summer, and in the Winter… at least you can drink in the Winter.

Believe it or not there’s also a small (very small) group of dedicated guys who play SF. They’re pretty damn good though. They mostly play A2 and ST, but they’ll give you a run for your money for sure.