St. Louis, MO Tekken 6 tournament


When: October 26th at 7:00pm (at the earliest)…The tournament has been moved to Nov. 9th. You may call game crazy to confirm the new date if you wish.

Where: Game Crazy
10887 W Florissant Ave, St Louis, MO 63136
(314) 524-3967?

-Registration price: $15
-Registration is open now. Just go to the Game crazy where the tournament is happening and register. The absolute latest you can register is 6:00pm the day of the tournament. You may have to go next door to Hollywood video to register for the Tekken tourney as there is also going to be a DJ Hero tournament that night. But Either of the stores should get you registered. ONCE AGAIN REGISTRATION HAS TO BE AT THE HOLLYWOOD VIDEO/GAME CRAZY LOCATION LISTED ABOVE.

-1st place prize: a free console or handheld of your choosing (This may change but that is what the prize is for now)
It is simportant to sign up early. If the turnout isn’t that great I have been told that the system prize will change.

-2nd and 3rd place prizes are still being determined

-There will also be a drawing for a few free copies of Tekken 6 for PS3 or Xbox360.

-I will try to update this as I find out more info.

-I do not believe this location has done a tournament before so there may be delays/changes

If you have any other questions you can call the Game Crazy(listed above) where the tournament is being held. You can also call the Game Crazy and ask for Darryl who is responsible for part of the Tekken 6 tournament.

Once again when I find out a little more I will post it here. But if you find something out that I am not aware of please bring it to everyone’s attention.