St. Louis tournaments?

Preferably Street Fighter, Smash Brothers Melee and Marvel vs. Capcom!?!

Are they any and how do I join the EVO North Tournaments?

e-mail me at

You can sign up when you walk up to the tournament.

Pre-reg isnt open, if ever, yet for Evo North.

From what i know, there is a good amount of St. Louis players so post in their thread.

Where in STL are you from?

If you want to play smash, you’ll want to post at

I know there are a number of 3S and MVC2 players in STL, I believe in North County. Ask in the STL thread though or try to catch someone at Northwest Plaze.

Northwest plaza is closed down. Arcades do not exsist in STL anymore.


Well, STL down. :sweat:

The whole mall, or just Tilt?

crestwood, midrivers and chesterfield mall have arcades. but hemma shitty.

NKI- oh jesus i have stuff to tell you