! St.Lucia (Caribbean) Street Fighter Champion Coming To Evo 2010 - Room Share?!

Hi guys, 1st post here. Been lurking and just reading info but never saw a reason to post till now.
I will be attending EVO 2010, but I’m not sure if my other players down here in our island will make it, so I’m thinking of doing the discount thing with 3 other guys if anyone cares.

Also, what are the costs of Food and drink like in Vegas, for those who have been there. I love eating (though I’m well skinny).
How much money should I budget per a day of food, drinks, transportation and entertainment?(women)(lol).

Some of you may already know me. Played Soul Calibur2 for the U.K Team in Cannes 2004 France.
For anyone who wnats to check out my skill level meet me on PSN. My i.d is: CHU-FYE

Anyways, let me know dudes.

We have a sticky thread for finding roommates for evo. Please do not make your own.