ok i need strats & combos with bison in ST. i want to start playing him in st have no clue what his best combos are. so any help would help.



s.short,c.foward xx scissr kick.

u can cross up with j.forward too.


Always use New Bison.

Bison has a 3 hit juggle(tap strong)

crossover round house, standing short XX knee press nightmare, jump towards, 2 hit juggle.(8 hit combo)


only j.forward can crossup.


Naw, I saw in an NKI video I think, Bison can cross up with RH, it’s hard though, you gotta hit it deep.


can hf bison crossup with something?


yeah i think he can cross up with his fk since his OG. days

i thought u could combo his from or am i wrong?


bison is not top tier in st.


& why isn’t he in your opinion?


Bison not being top tier in ST is a fact, he loses to all top tiers(N.Ryu, N.Balrog, O.Sagat, O.Dhalsim)


you can’t combo his crouching short, or forward into his standing round house, but you can combo his standing short into his standing round house.


I think it’s safe to say that this is open to debate. I’d think Bison beats Ryu, runs close with Rog and Sim, and slightly loses to O.Sagat (but that’s close). Better than Ryu who loses to Sagat, get’s owned by Dhalsim and does fine against Rog…until Rog gets meter.


sim fuck ryu


Bison can actually cross up with all of his jumping kicks. Jumping forward seems to work the best.

Follow up a cross up with Bison with: standing short x 2, low forward xx psycho crusha. This will dizzy them everytime pretty much. After this it’s pretty much your combo of choice for the kill.

TarkanX, are you a pretty regular ST player? I play all the time. Every once in a while I get together with Mike and those guys to play, we should make it a point to play when everyone gets together sometime.




Iftrpllr: yeah, I practice ST like 2 or 3 times a week, and sometimes(more like once every 2 weeks) I play with Mike and co.(mostly 3rd strike).


hf art own st


Bison vs Balrog

Time to bump this up and hopefully get some help.

So basically I need some in depth help with the Psycho Bison vs Boxer Balrog-fight. I played some 70ish matches against Balrog today and it was quite horrible. Balrog seems to have longer throw range by far which messes me up badly, as well as better priority on pretty much all moves. I couldn’t really do shit I was just sitting there taking a beating and trying to get an opening to defuse his offence but to no avail. And since he is just on me pretty much the whole match with me lacking reversals to use to get him off me he builds super alot faster which shuts down what little RH/forward poking I had going. Not that I’m a good Bison player or anything but it seems like a pretty hopeless matchup so if anyone could pass on some tips in Bisons favor it would be pretty great.


After playing Bison in A3 I’ve been playing around with him in ST, I was able to find only ONE ST tourney footage movie with Bison.

Damn why does his jump float for soooo looong? Without the Psycho Shot or his faster A3 jump Fireballs are much more problematic to deal with and do more block damage.


Kobojjin: Here are a few of my tips

  1. Use max range stand roundhouse to counter “on reaction” to Rog’s low rush if he does it from a distance, or wait as the lowrush is about to reach you and counter with crouch forward>scissor kick combo.

  2. After knocking down Rog with a scissor kick: wait a split second and use Bison’s crouch roundhouse slide to transport you into meaty range. Then throwout an early super deep crouch forward as Rog gets up. If the Rog player doesn’t block it then cancel quickly into crouch forward/ or stand short>scissor kick (That should dizzy your opponent). If blocked then cheap’em.

  3. Counter Rog’s uppercut rush and grab tactic by crouching under the uppercut rush (up close where your normals would come out too slow to counter), then quickly stand up and reverse throw him.

  4. Bison can combo crouch Forward into a Stand Roundhouse, but the combo only works well timed as the opponent is getting up.

  5. Figure out the distances that are beneficial for Bison in this match up.

Any more questions?

Dangerous Crew:cool:


Nice that someone finally stepped up and could help. That post helped a lot but I still have much training to do with correct spacing and such.

The only other question I have right now though is if there is a way to make sure you get all the hits from a psycho crusher? So you don’t just tick for one hit and then fly through. I guess spacing is the most important thing here but if you can like drum the buttons to get the hits to come out quicker or something.

But again - thanks for the help.