ST match making

Ok i dont really see to many people from SRK playing ST on mame so Im gonna make an IRC room named #SRKST If you play ST please join <3

im on playing st all the time
usualy in gw

but ill add that to my mirc list

I was gonna make a thread on this, but you beat me to it. Anywho, just look for Musashi or Jappo, that will be me. What happened to all the other ST players? I remember last year we had quite a few. =/

nice looks like I’ll have to start playing some more ST on mame

Alright, I’ll chip in my two cents. Most of the casual players are Intercepter, Meditate, Master, Exarkun, Normah, Rushdown, Musashi/Jappo, and DGV. Those are the ones who are on SRK and usually play consistantly from time to time pending on the hours more or less around 6PM PST.

I’m usually on now and again, but my stick just broke so I’ll be outta commission for a while. :sad:

Does changing the setting to excellent help?

Yo dude, never seen you on mame before I’m just wondering if your new to kailera. Switching between the settings is great for lower pings and depending on how far the players are from eachother, people keep forgetting the ping in the server is only from the player to the server, while in game the ping towards the players is what really matters so if one guy lives in texas and his ping is 90 on a server, and another in cali who has a ping of 110 the lag in the game is going to be low. It’s better to get used to the way lag is sooner or later you will play somewhat as good as you do offline.

Thanks man. Im not new to kaillera but I am to playing ST on it. I have the same name that I do here. So if you see me and want to play, call me. Im not good but I dont mind playing good players who sweep the floor with me.

Why my ping keep changing so much?

Forgetting someone? The best ST player on kaillera, Jake Snake.

lol, though he goes by many a name I hear, you might’ve played the best without even knowing it :rofl:

Hey maybe this is the wrong thread for this, but I was wondering- which version of ST should I get for playing over Kaillera? My emu of choice is Final Burn Alpha, but I don’t have any problem with switching. I just want to play ST online. Every time I try to play, it tells me I don’t have the rom available, so I guess I have the wrong version? even though Ithink I have every version of the game…

If you guys tell me what you use, I’d be really appreciative. thanks a bunch.

You also have to obtain the parent file SSF2 in order for ST to load correctly. Does that answer your question? A great majority of ST players use Mame to play online.

oh I mean I can play the game, fine, but I don’t think I have the right version of super turbo to play online. I was just wondering which specific version I needed. But I’ll try using mame instead of FBA. Thanks.

cant se a single one in the channel…what server??? efnet or what?

No one ever joined the channel so i dumped it <_<… If you want to try playing on mame though louie you can message me on msn

Oh ok, the version you need is World 940223. Quinn ftw.

Really? jake snake is the best player in st omg. I wanna get some games in with him LOL!

I should be around for some games this saturday. I just got a HRAP1, having a pretty hard time adjusting. Played on a p360 for the past 5 years, gonna take some time to get used to this square gate.

If you ever try again, PM me and I’ll perform the channel.