ST: Matchups You NEED to Know...?


as the question mark on the title states, i’m (again) very new to this.

i’m asking this so i can get an idea of roughly what kind of thinking i have to do to play ST well. i’m primarily an A3 player, which is a game where imho u can get away with a lot of sloppiness. after about a month of ST i’m realizing just how execution intensive this game is. i’m doing DPs instead of VCs or rolls or CCs in other games now :D.

off the top of my head i recall (probably incorrectly)

  • Vega vs Guile is a no brainer in Vega’s favor. Vega fucks everything Guile has, especially at c.FK range.
  • Sim vs old Sagat is… well, tough. i just remember it was the last match on the B5 dvd :smiley: i couldn’t pinpoint what it depended on tho. guessing Sagat’s fireballs right so that Sim could head drill?
  • Deejay vs Ryu is all about taking Deejay to the corner and making the fucker jump via fireball war.
  • Ryu vs Sim is all about getting that c.FK xx tatsumaki in to get in and force a “DP or throw” guessing game on Sim. ie getting in is the hardest part.

like i said, most of the above is probably wrong. any help would be appreciated. i don’t know how far from complete such a list can be either but i’m sure it’s further than i can imagine…


heh… yeah, you can’t mash buttons to stop stuff in ST. :slight_smile:

I guess the obvious answer is whoever-you-play VS commonly-picked-characters. Like the shotos.

One thing you should really really practice is how to stop throws with your favorite characters. If your opponent knows you’re bad at stopping throws, you could be fucked up real bad.


I think the following is pretty one sided.

Match= Normal or Original Dhalsim vs Normal or Original Zangief
Zangief is pretty much toast.

Match = Original Ken vs either Honda
Honda is toast.

Match = Either T-Hawk vs Either Zangief
T-Hawk is toast.

That’s my 2 cents :slight_smile:


I’m curious about the Hawk vs Gief thing…

Both can reverse spd each other out of their ticking stuff I’m pretty sure, and hawk has the DP to boot. So i guess it comes down to normals? Gief has the godly sweep, but any ticking afterwards can be countered right?

Blah… i’m rambling. How is Hawk toast? I can’t think of anything that makes it extremely one sided…


Honda dies to shotos in a sickeningly retarded way. It’s like they designed the game so he’d have no chance. :mad:


Zangief’s sitting roundhouse can keep T-Hawk out of distance, BUT most importantly Zangief’s standing roundhouse hits or trades for more with every airborn T-hawk normal, and the Hawk special. :slight_smile:


is it just me or do shotos die easily once THawk manages to get a clean jump in (=jump and not get DPd)…? he can sweep, DP, 360, etc, jump attack, etc…