ST Mirrors


As some of you know i was doing mirrors of all the characters, but my** hard drive **die and i lose half of the recordings , enjoy!! or not.


[LEFT][SIZE=22px]Ryu, Honda, Blanka, Guile[/LEFT][/SIZE]



I appreciate your efforts, thanks! :slight_smile:


[LEFT][SIZE=22px]T.Hawk, Fei long, Sagat , Boxer[/LEFT][/SIZE]



mirrors suck


I find very few mirror matches to be entertaining. Notably, Ryu, Ken, Chun, and Dhalsim mirrors are fun to watch, everything else is not, imo.




for me, Ryu and Guile are fun to watch. Chun I watch because I play her… but yeah. Most mirror matches are UGLY.


Well with Ryu, the better Ryu player will win. Both characters are allowed to use all of his tools at his discretion, and it all comes down to the more skilled player. Guile is boring as all hell, just 2 guys throwing sonic booms, occasionally throwing on a cr.forward, st.short, or a jump attack.

Guile is such a defensive character, that you rarely see him try to launch an attack, and when he dies, it’s primarily to gain a life lead, so that he can let the clock do the work for him.

Chun is fun to watch because she gets to go nuts, jump around, hitting buttons, a lot of randomness, but that’s the way it goes.


I actually hate watching chuns. I watch them cuz i play her… I hate the randomness, that’s what’s so ugly about most mirror matches…

That’s why I like guile, they’re very defensive, and rarely launch attacks, but every single attack is meticulously planed. I love it. and ST is so high damage, that you can still kill a person with a life lead if you manage to get in within the last 5 seconds. So i’m on the edge of my seat watching for most of the match. Looking for opportunities where either player might be able to land a hit.


idk if im the only one, but i never understood why blanka gets hurt by electricity :\


I like Guile mirrors. There’s definitely no bullshit on that one, every chunk of life is earned. I think most people just see constant sonic booms, but really it’s about reading. When will they jump, when will they backfist or low forward to stuff a sonic boom, when will they sweep, will they st. short or forward sobat to stuff low attacks, will they bait the flash kick or go for throw, etc.? The sonic booms are constant but they’re the lines you have to read between. The mirror match is very draining mentally though if you’re playing against someone solid because you’re constantly thinking just for a single hit of damage.


Guile mirrors are fucken boring.

The only good mirror is the claw mirror because that shit match goes so quick its over quickly. Blanka mirrors are the most random shit ever.

Mirrors are fucken boring.



Best Mirrors

Boring Mirrors.

Sim and guile mirrors are soooo boring.
Claw is stupid
Boxer is braindead vs braindead

everything else is lame too.


If you think Sim mirrors are boring, you need to behold the glory that is THE HONDA MIRROR.


Agree mirrors suc, but is also the reason some people lose in tournaments.
To me mirrors shotos are ok ken/ryu (for MM is fair enough), other than that i find funny vega and cammy.


Guile mirrors are extremely tactical, that being said, still boring as hell to watch, even if you know what’s going on. In the end, it’s still a WHOLE lot of sonic booms, occasional cr.forwards, st.shorts, and a few jump ins sprinkled in for good measure.

Ryu v. Guile is extremely meticulous and tactical, and that match is the most INTERESTING of matches. It’s extremely dynamic, positioning by both players are being changed on a pixel-by-pixel basis, the advantage and momentum can swing in each other’s favor in a matter of milliseconds, all good stuff. Guile’s damage is fairly low, but he’s able to land damage consistently over time, whereas Ryu can win the match at any moment with one critical combo, or super combo. Exciting shit.

I never understood why EVERYONE doesn’t get hurt by electricity. Mashing electricity should be a top tier strategy in real life, besides fireballs. If I tried to sweep or uppercut a metal pole with 10,000 volts running through it, my money is on the fact that I will die a slow and horrible death, choking on my own blood.

Sim is fun, it’s watching 2 guys trying to outpoke and out-drill each other. And whoever is down on the ground is desperate to land a random noogie or drill or super to get him out. It’s definitely better than the horror-show that is Honda v. Honda, which is essentially 2 fat guys trying to pretend like they’re hitting a bunch of buttons, doing a couple of hands here and there, and occasionally throwing out a st.RH or headbutt.

Claw is stupid, this is a well known, and strongly accepted fact.

Boxer v. Boxer. It’s fun watching them try to punch each other to death, it’s like watching a very exciting street fight by two idiots. And whoever gets put on their back usually loses…unless he has super…because Boxer with super can do ANYTHING HE FUCKING WANTS.


i like mirrors…


I just kinda skimmed through your post rather quick like and this was what mine eyez came to lay upon

yea mirrors are dope. cause im so fucking sexy my face hurts


Seriously, Mirrors suck.