st.MK cancel into GJ

Which is the input for st.MK cancel into GJ? How many metods exist?

You input 360 degree (full circle) fast enough and activate GJ, kinda like : st mk(close) -> D,DF,F,FU,U,UB,B,DB,D,DF,F + lp/mp/hp

A second method is to buff it. Buff 1 qcf( D,DF,F) st MK(close) -> tap punch buttons non-stop, D,DF,F,FU,U . You may input the first qcf during the animation of a normal or a special move(ex, MP, dash etc).

Credits to WagYun for sharing this.

i just do, st mk, D, DF, F, FU, U (x2) and piano the punches

I normally just do qcf, then tiger knee (qcf + uf) and piano punches.