ST money matches thread

I was just at Pacific Northwest Majors and was really dissapointed I didn’t see a SINGLE money match…but us Washingtonians are really tame about gambling compared to East Coasters and Cali peeps, so I’m hoping some money is changing hands at evo.

I only am gonna play ST, who is up for money matches? I am not gonna front like I am baller enough to take on everyone but I am down for some, but this isn’t the “challenge airthrow” thread, it’s for anyone to organize ST mm’s.

I’d like to play some people I have heard of, but playing other unknowns like myself would be exciting.

I would play some peeps. Seattle seems to be one of the few places out there that plays ST on a regular basis and I would like the chance to put some money on myself to make things exciting.

If there’s an arcade ST at evo (like there was last year, supergun and cabinet), I’m down to play first to 10s with the following people:


First to 10, $50.

Shirts if there is supergun and I can get my hands on a Japanese stick are you down to MM?


i may be down depending on my situation when i get there. ill be hitting the roulette tables when i get there.

Yo let’s get this shit poppin…

I’ll money match anyone, DC or arcade. :tup:

nki, i may have to MM you for obvious reasons buddy =)

nki, 3/5 for $10? i play casually with chun so id like a mirror.

Done and done!

NKI, if i go, ive got a score to settle with you from last year. 3/5 for $10?

ill play ya 3/5 for 10$

buktooth, 3/5 for $10? chun mirror. i saw you at keystone the one time i went but we didnt get to play. hope you read this/go.

btw, im no one serious. just like to play you guys since yall play chun too.



you and or airthrow or both idc lol st too much fun…

Kyle wassup man:karate:

sanford pm me lets chill n get more practice in before the big dance :slight_smile:

I’m not that great, but I’ll MM almost anyone for a reasonable amount. Like, $20 or less.

First to five 20?

First to five 20?

ill take ya up on that offer if u want just name the stipulation