ST = My Favorite Game of All Time?


Hey there!

I REALLY wanna make ST my favorite game of all time. I:
-have the ability to beat the game in single-player mode on Medium and possibly higher,
-can beat the game on a regular basis, not just once and only once,
-only use two buttons (HP & HK), and can still whoop ass (AI & Human),
-play with all the old characters, as I prefer original colors and I play better without a super meter, and
-am a fairly decent online player in the game.

Despite all this, my mind keeps telling me that ST doesn’t deserve to be my favorite game, and is always forcing me to switch to another Street Fighter game or a different game entirely. But again, I REALLY wanna make THIS game my favorite, not just because of what I said above, but because in my heart, I KNOW this is the one game I get the most challenge, joy, and satisfaction out of playing.

What do you guys think? I’m always willing to improve my game. Should I listen to my heart, or my mind?


I stopped reading at : “I REALLY wanna make ST my favorite game of all time.”



You won’t last in this game. Being good at ST means you have to be decisive. With your hesitation, you will end up getting yourself and your teammates killed. I’m sorry son, but ST is not meant for everyone, there’s just too much action going on. Maybe a desk job would better fit your personality.


Hey, I’ve been a gamer since I was 5, and that’s never gonna change. But I might have to agree with you about ST. Perhaps my mind is right, and the game never was meant to be my favorite.

I love Street Fighter though and it’s my favorite game series, but since I’m not what you guys would call a “serious tournament gamer” (which I never really intended to be in then first place), I’ll just go ahead and declare SFA3 Upper my Favorite Game of All Time. THAT one I KNOW I can be happy with…


Well, since you people think I shouldn’t even be playing video games, despite the fact that I love and enjoy playing them, I have no choice but to condemn you cretons as evil Nazi Demon Dicks who think they can push innocent people around and make them their bitch 24/7.

So I’ll be off and you might as well ban me, because DOOM II is now my favorite game of all time, and First-Person Shooters are now my favorite game genre. And if I change my favorite game in the future, it will never be a fighting game again. Sorry sons, you brought this upon yourselves…


Well, at least you have good tastes. DOOM 2 multiplayer is just as fun as ST. Used to play it a lot on zdaemon.


just play mvc2, you only need two fingers to play MSP in that game


I had the most fun playing FPS with Shadow Warrior. Then second was Quake 2.


“I like sword, thats a personal weapon”, remember that one?
I still have all these old FPS (Shadow warrior, Duke3d, Doom, and so on) in my hd and play them randomly online with some friends. I find these old games more fun than COD, CS or whatever its played nowadays. IMO It was during the 90’s that the FPS genre was at its peak. Or maybe im too close minded about the new stuff. Thing is, i simply dont enjoy the new stuff.

Back on topic though: to OP, did you at least tried to play against other people? Playing against the CPU is nothing like playing other players. You should try GGPO.


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lol. Where you ever on the TEN network? I was ranked number 1 in shadow warrior. I agree with you that older FPS games were much better. After counter strike, everyone wanted to do “realism”. I think that turned me off to FPS’s. Being able to switch directions while jumping made the game a lot more interesting. Having weapons spawn added an extra depth to the game that today’s FPS’s lack. Weapons hogging and map control. Forced players to not camp since they would be at a major disadvantage due to the other player powering up on armor and ammo.

I remember in the seppeku station map, if I heard a certain door open, I knew exactly where you were and the hunt was on. I miss the fast pace action. And shadow warrior had this glitch that actually added an extra element of skill to the game. You moved about 1.4 or 1.5 times faster if you constantly ran diagonally using the strafe walk. So if you got used to run around like that, you could run circles around the other guy running in a straight line. Even to this day while playing the newer FPS, I still can’t help but to run around constantly diagonal.


The fact you didnt get blown up means srk is maturing


Oh, i know exactly what you’re talking about. I never were really into shadow warrior (back in time i didnt knew it existed until 5 or so years after), and i didnt played on TEN because having an internet connection here in brazil was not common. I do remember that the Nuclear weapon had a bug that allowed you to fire 2 of them without recharging lol. By the way, i used to be hardcore in DOOM and Duke3d (which is very similar to SW) till i dropped them 2 years ago for ST (i still play these games but just for fun) so i know exactly what you’re talking about. 1on1 matches on hollywood holocaust map were as hardcore as high level ST. I actually think its more hardcore than ST. Matches against top players till 10 frags frequently took more than one hour, the game is pretty fast and its important keep moving to not only to get more ammo and health but to keep the opponent from getting them, so you need to be alert all the time (and as i said matches could take 1 hour or more). Map control and speed were crucial. Back in time camping wasnt a viable tactic because it just didnt made sense.
SW unfortunatelly isnt really played anymore, theres only a few players that still play it, but Duke3d and Doom are still alive.


I started with Duke3d, but I think Shadow Warrior would be the “ST” of that engine. The inputs was much more responsive in SW then Duke3d. The input lag on Duke made it feel “floaty”. Meaning, if you let go of the direction key, your character wouldn’t stop running right away, vs SW, once you let go, it stopped. This is the main reason why I moved on from duke to SW.

I remember playing a tournament in the Dark Woods map. 4 players free for all, FT20 wins. The final score was me =20, player 2 = -2, player 3 -4, player 4 -1. Yeah, you get minus points for blowing yourself up with rockets or grenades. LOLz. All I did was drop sticky bombs and make sure that no one ever grab health or armor.



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