ST: My throw game sucks please help?

well basically motherfuckers I play all they do is throw. They pick people with grab type throw like honda’s, blanka’s, rog’s, etc. All I want to know is how to defend against these types of players that is all and how to improve my throw game to annoy the fuck out of them. Any help would be great.

Ummm… throw him before he throws you? I don’t know, who do you use? And which character gives you the biggest problems? It’d be hard to give you tips without knowing which characters we’re talking about here. Naturally you’d do things quite differently with Zangief than with Vega and quite differently against Honda than against Balrog.

And are you talking about tick throwing? I mean do they use grab throws and then throw out an attack when you’re getting up and then immediately grab throw you again? Some of those are very difficult to get out of. Again, without knowing who you’re using, it’s hard to say what to do, but there’s a narrow window between the attack and the throw where you can do a reversal dragon punch/flash kick/eggbeater/etc and get out of it.

I use mostly new ryu and new chun-li, and the people I play usually use people like honda with grab type throws, and yes they hit me while I’am getting up and throw me some more. Is there anyway to get out because I mash the buttons like hell but it dosen’t seem to be working for the grab type throws.

Stop playing. That should help.

Don’t stop playing. ST is still the best game out there.

Mashing like crazy can help you get out of the grab with less damage than otherwise. A good way to mash out of grab throws is to tap to one side repeatedly really fast and basically wash the buttons. You’re still gonna be caught in the tick trap though. Ryu and Chun both have good reversals for getting out of ticks, the dragon punch obvously and Chun’s upkick. Like I said, there’s a window where you can reverse and knock them off you. Try to time your moves so that you land them at the very first chance (reversal). You can also try to throw them before you. Seems to me like Chun’s throw range is longer than most of the other characters, so you should be able to throw most characters before they can grab you.

That said, if you’re using Ryu, Honda shouldn’t be anywhere near you. You should be zoning Honda out with fireballs. Throw them out at differing speeds so Honda can’t predict when he can jump. If he tries to jump toward you, be ready with either a crouching roundhouse or a dragon punch. Your jumping roundhouse and jab dp beat the headbutt, your dp beats the flying sumo thing. Try pushing him into the corner with fireballs and setting up a corner fb trap or something. There really shouldn’t be any point at which Honda is close enough to you to start grabbing you. This fight is definitely in Ryu’s favor.

I’m trying to use O. Sagat now is there any tips you can give me on how to avoid being tossed if they can some how break through my Sagat turtleing tactics.

P.S. Its obvious that I’m not going to stop playing this game so if you guys don’t have any useful advise please don’t post.

I Let their TICK attack connect and then throw them. If they are letting their moves wiff then it gets a little more complex.

Also with Ryu and Sagat I think you can time a dragon punch/uppercut as you rise so your first frame of animation when rising from the cheeky punks throw is a dragon punch. Jab dragons work the best and look the most badass for this.

I used to piss of tick throwers back in the day with this. Ahhh the memories.

But the best way to piss off tick throwers is use these techniques and then tic throw them. Classic.

Hopefully this helps.

mwahaha… evil tick throws. :slight_smile:

If they’re sloppy with their timing, you can just jump out . After the tick, hold up and see if you can get out.

If they’re tight, you’ll have to counter-throw, or use a special that’s either invincible or instantly gets you off the ground. And you have to do it before the throw gets you.

After that it’s really just a matter of practicing your timing… That’s really all it is. You want to hit your buttons for your throw or special RIGHT before they throw you, just as you come out of block.

As for buttons. For throws, I find mashing HP or whatever to counter throw is kinda crappy. You don’t have nearly as much exact precision I find. I have much better success with just double tapping it when I pick the hole.

Do the Daigo for the specals… you want, no, NEED that “reversal”. It’s your best friend when trying to stop ticks.

It really sucks at first, because they ARE really freakin’ cheap sometimes, and the timing is mad mad strict. Don’t expect to ever get it 100%. But with practice you should be able to make them wary of even trying to put you in that position.

Oh yeah… get you’re mashing up to par. If you can easily outmash the other guy, you’re good. He won’t do as much damage (always good) and even might mess up their charge if they want to mash with you.

If you don’t mash, Rog’s throw really hurts. :frowning:

Yeah those rog throws fuck me up pretty bad, but now I’m starting to get the hang of throwing in the game. Now the only thing I got to fix is how to stop getting nervous while I’m playing. Half the time I lose is because I freeze up when I get hit with a combo or a throw, and then I can’t think staight, after that happens I get pulverized. Well anyway thanks for the tips guys.:smiley:


Do throws like Rogs, Sim’s, Blanka’s, and Ken’s all increase hits/damage with the more you mash?

So counter mashing reduces the number of hits? Does that mean that when the computer gets insane stuff like 80% damage on Blanka’s throw, that i could just mash and reduce the damage?

Not to be pretentious or anything, but duh… this has been in EVERY fighting game pretty much.


I realized this while i was typing the above post…yet I was too lazy to fully explain myself.

So counter-mashing on these throws is actually a proven tactic to reducing damage?

That’s right. Ever been playing against CPU Zangief and get him into a grab throw, and he just pops right out without taking any damage? That’s the computer mashing out of the throw. It mashes unfairly and literally inhumanly quickly, but that is what’s going on. You can’t take no damage through mashing like crazy, but you can limit it. Same deal if you’re the one doing the grab throw. The AI is ridiculous, so CPU Dhalsim can eat 75% of your life by mashing like crazy; you can’t do that, but you can take more than you would if you didn’t mash. It’s always a good idea to mash like crazy in a grab, regardless if you’re the one grabbing or not.

Ricky can probably mash that fast, he always mashes out of hyper gav XX Tempest, and if you saw Ricky vs Nuki at evo, he mashes a Cammy dizzy about as fast as the ST computer lol.