ST: N.Ken


Are there any good tricks with him besides, j.jabxxshort huricane kick land, fwd kick throw??


Actually that’s his best set-up trick that initiates his mean mix-up game. After any knockdown you can actually jump with a late jumping jab and it’s 100% safe even if they wake up dp (with the right timing you make them block if they do nothing and and if they wake up with anything you land and block, it’s weird). You they of couse buffer the jump jab to air hk then follow with a fwd kick throw or a low roundhouse. I like to buffer the low roundhouse with a fb+kick against certain characters, it gives you positional advantage (if it connects) and sets you up nice for a cross-up. The key to getting the most out of the fwd kick throw is to be able to do low shortx2, super. This way after each throw you can mix up with:

1-low roundhouse
2-jump “safe” jabxxair hk mix-up game
3-low shortx2, super
4-walk under low shortx2, super (ala Balrog after his headbutt throw)

The beauty of all of this is that regardless of which option you choose, it’s completely repeatable.

Another thing I like to do is the walk-up dp which sets up his throw game nicely. Obviously since you’re already walking forward, you only have to tap two more points to get a dp so you can fire it off very quickly psychic style. If you get within “extended” throw range (the range where you throw your opponent when they stick out a move), go for a throw. If you’re a good gauger of distance, try to hit your opponent with the tip of your walking dp, often cheracters can’t punish it (as seen in the SBO Ken vs Chun match) when blocked.

Another trick I saw on the ST match vids on Gamecombos was where Ken did the overhead kick (fb+kick~hold kick) against another Ken’s wake up dp, and the wake up dp passed thru him to the other side. I’ve heard a similar trick can be done with this kick where you can actually make your opponent stand up backwards and then you can combo their back. Sorry, I’ve never seen this done anyhwhere and I can’t repeat this trick with much success.

I know you mentioned that you wanted to know other tricks other then the jumping jabxxair hk one but really that’s the main one to use, it’s THAT good and sets up all sorts of other offense for Ken. Julien Beasley (I forget his user name) mentioned in a thread somewhere that Yoshimi was going to do a N. Ken faq. I’ve been waiting for it, but I’ve seen nothing. If anyone knows how to get a hold of that fool, bug him and see if anything is going to happen with it.



Wow thanks for your input.

Is there an alternative to c.shortx2 super? I can’t seem to pull that off consistently. My best replacement so far is c.short, jab dp. It’s useful when you don’t have a super ready and it also leaves him safe when blocked. I figure it’s faster than low rh and possibly more damage. Can anyone confirm this?


My suggestion to you is to learn low shortx2, super. If you can do it with a dp, you should be able to do it with a super. The timing is really loose once you get used to it. You can literally watch and wait to see if the two shorts connect, then do a double fb motion plus jab+short and the super will still connect. I actually do a double fb motion for low shortx2, dp as well, practice makes perfect.
I’m not sure if you’re totally safe if they block the combo though. Definitely not against characters like Balrog and Sim. Low shortx2, dp is definitely more damaging then low rh, it’s just tougher to pull off.



What do you want?

OHHH you mean the GAME character…


You’re my hero. I created this thread just for you. Now show me some 1337 tactics.


It’s amazing how threads like: J Wong gets 125+ wins in mvc2 get 100+ posts, but threads lie this that actually inform a bit get buried at the bottom of the pile. There used to be a bunch of good shit in the old man ST thread but I think that’s long since gone. Consider this a bump I guess.



I don’t know if this is me or what but playing N. Ken on 360 is a nightmare for me…lol

I always get unwanted kick specials out, instead of ducking kicks.

So I guess what I am trying to say is on 360 sticks stick to old ken.


No kidding.


Might be hope yet…

I remember you posted quite a bit of stuff in that thread, wes. I saved some stuff from that thread and added it to a text file, but I never subscribed to the thread. It might still be at the very end of your subscribed posts (go Control Panel>View All Subscribed Threads>Show threads from…the beginning. might have to go back several pages) If you or anyone else reading this can find it in their subscribed threads, please bump it!


old men talk ST Link


The ever-useful toward->down+kick wacky kick, I swear they gave Ken this move to make low rhxxfb more difficult. The way I always do low kickxxfb is to do a hcf motion. I never do a low rh by hitting d/f+rh, I always do a alpha counter motion to absoultely avoid the unwanted wacky kick. Try, it works pretty well for me wether I’m using a 360 or switch stick.

BTW, the stuff I have back in the old thread is pretty old news but, if you’re at all interested in it it’s located on pages 4-8 (for the most part).



Hrm… I can’t figure out/find that other Ken thread… I guess here is the best place to post.

I went into training and fooled around with the hcf+k special to try and learn about the go-thru-the-opponent stuff where their attacks will whiff… But I can’t get it to work right against everybody.

Basically, I do the hcf+kick special and HOLD kick so I get the overhead part. It seems I have to be RIGHT next to my opponent… so close that the Away part of the motion sometimes moves me too far away (whiffing a s.jab or jump-in and do it as I land fixes this, but anyways…) The first part (old-skool RH) goes “into” every character, inside their sprite. When the Overhead part starts however, I get pushed out of their sprite… Totally behind them (cool! :)), or back out in front of them (:bluu: ).

Against Honda, Blanka, Gief, Sim, Sagat, Hawk, and Dictator Bison I can’t seem to get behind them at ALL. DeeJay is also one I can’t get behind… EXCEPT when he’s in the left corner, and even then when I go behind him I stay behind him and end up switching sides and end up in the corner myself ?(go figure).

So I guess what I’m asking is, can you still draw out whiffs against these characters? I’ve tried against the COM but I get hit everytime… But that’s just the COM, not a person. (but I can do it against the other COM-controlled characters). If I could do DPs with my feet maybe I could test this out myself. :slight_smile:

  DO you mean OSagat?
  FEET comment was funny... (Shows your dedication... and your lameness... no disrespect... cuz I can relate.):p 



Didn’t you know…

marvelscrub = technical ST guru/hermit :smiley:


Hey! I do go outside occasionally… To play SF. :slight_smile: Seriously tho, I like to know this shit so I can use it when I play and (hopefully) dominate. Plus, what else am I going to do when I got no comp to take on at home? Play the AI? HA! :slight_smile: I’d rather spend 10-20 minutes shagging around in training trying to find stuff to use against my friends.

MCloud: OSagat? Where?


Some SBO Super Turbo footage, featuring Honda, Zangief, Ryu, Ken, Fei Long and New Sagat.

Yes you heard right. NEW Sagat.

look for 2003-8-4 and 2003-7-31. Tougeki SF2X.

edit: I think they’re qualifiers footage, but I’m not sure. Anyways, enjoy!


Thanks dogberry



I meant do you mean OSAGAT or NEW SAGAT, cuz you reference sagat as one of the characters that the hcf k move that NKen has does NOT go through, and I wonder which Sagat u tried it on. Thats all…



It was new Sagat… Somehow I doubt they change size when they’re old. :stuck_out_tongue: But I guess you never know.

Speaking of new Sagat, the one in those vids doesn’t go for crossup enough! :slight_smile: Oh yeah, there are also more vids than dogberry mentioned… I believe there’s 20 in total? Look at the second page to find more.

Also… Has anyone else noticed that Japanese shotos seemed to be obsessed with whiffing far s.strong? I know about whiffing moves for fakes and stuff… but jeez. It’s almost obscene sometimes. :slight_smile: I guess it works tho hey?