ST: N. Ryu Strategy & Matchup Questions

I have recently tried to learn ST and am still a ST newbie. Until recently I have not used Ryu in most SF games, but he is the one I like most so far in ST. I have several questions for SRKers:

1- What are N. Ryu’s most difficult matchups and what are some general strats to use in them?

2- I haven’t played any good Balrog’s yet, but from reading and watching it seems that he can be a very difficult match. Any suggestions on how to approach Balrog?

3- Does he have any ticks that are particularly effective? I’m learning the throw game(or at least trying to) and any help, advice, etc would be appreciated.

I’ll probably throw some more questions out, but first I’d like to get some advice and discussion on the ones I’ve listed so far.

ST Ryu doesn’t have a lot of terribly bad matchups. Dhalsim can beat him down pretty good, and also a Balrog or Vega can give him trouble.

Good tactics with Ryu are to pressure with fast and slow fireballs, and force a jump. From there you can take them down with a shoryuken, hurricane, stand roundhouse, crouch roundhouse, or even jumping strong. Try to trap them in the corner and pound with hadokens to limit their options and force mistakes. After a footsweep, buffer into a hadoken to go over them to keep the pressure going. jump strong, air Hurricane, jump roundhouse are good air-to-airs.

After a knockdown, you can get into a throw/mix up game. Crouching short early is a good tick. As they are getting up, mix it up with crouch short, crouch forward/roundhouse into fireball, crouch strong linked low forward xx hadoken (3 hit combo) toward + fierce early, toward +strong early (overhead, can then link into a crouching forward.)

Try not to get too predictable with your hadokens and shoryukens, keep the opponent on their toes.

From the sound of it I have had the basic idea down better than I thought and have been doing most of what you have suggested. I tend to use the s. RH for anti-air more often than the SRK except as a reversal on wakeups. I started off using the red FB more often than not for the extra chip damage, though once I noticed it takes a little bit longer to come out I tend to use it less unless I can combo it in, or if I can force my opponent to block it. Every little bit of extra damage helps, right? I think my weakness is that instead of trying to pressure my opponent into the corner I am too turtlish. I try to catch them with SRKs or sweeps when I force them to jump and then when I get a hit I stay away relying on extra chip from red FBs instead of going for the meaty hits, ticks or crossups.

Duly noted. I’ll try all of this out. Thanks a lot!

Another question: I realise that Ryu can use the HK to only go over thin FBs. However I have a bitch of a time getting over DeeJay’s FBs. Is there any specific timing to it? Once in a while I get over it fine, other times I’ll start going through it and then get hit all of a sudden. Do I have to time it right when it is about to hit me or is there something else I am missing here? I have NO problem getting over Guile’s Sonic Booms, but I have a much harder time getting over DeeJay’s FBs.

DJ’s maxout is considered a big fireball like hadoukens. You can’t spin kick over it like sonic boom or yoga fire.

OK. Thanks for the info. I remember reading you could only go over small FBs. Since it is so thin like the SBs I assumed it was possible to go over it too. My bad.

This is called BORING. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, turtling/keepaway is good… but you have to be consistent. What are you hitting with? s.RHs, DPs, Sweeps… you’re going to need to land quite a few to win. So Be consistent. You’re giving your opponent all day to land the one opportunity he needs to kill you.

On the other hand… If you get in their face, go for crossup, go for meaty, blah blah you can wipe them out instantly. Round over in 10 seconds. It’s something to think about… you gotta be buff though, and be able to carry yourself without getting killed.

Keepaway = FEAR/Not Dying
Rushdown = COURAGE/Killing the opponent

Against some characters… getting close is being brave, but also incredibly risky/stupid. Gief, Honda, etc.

Try doing HK at VERY LAST SECOND… against meaty fast FB.

Another thing against DJ is to STAND (not duck) just outside of sweep range. DJ’s love doing sweep… when it whiffs, sweep him back.

Also, always try to DP the 2nd kick of the dread kick. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh yeah… do you know the ghetto cornertrap??

Basically, knock them down in the corner (DP/Throw/whatever)… then position yourself at one of the “markers” (rock on the ground, whatever). It’s a little more than half screen.

Lay down meaty Jab FB. When they block it, immediately throw another one *, then another *, then another *, whaddya know another *, etc… if they jump, * = jab DP. Then start again.

Once they KNOW this is coming, they will do different stuf to get out, then you can mix it up… If they block a deep jab FB, throw quick fast one to hit them as they jump straight up… or hesitate and wait for the straight jump and then smack 'em with a FB before they land. They get knocked down, you start again.

If they have a projectile, fast FBs help here too… after blocking a FB, if you think they will try to match it with their own (Guile/DJ), throw a fast one and he should catch it in the face.

Basically though, once you get this pattern going… they will try to get out of it by jumping straight up or with specials and stuff. If you can anticipate these options, you can counter them, and start again… DJ in particular has a hard time with this trap.


Any hints VS. Dhalsim?

whats ST?

Super Turbo

Dhalsim? ST Ryu should worry more about Blanka. :badboy:


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