ST new ken throw tactics?


i hear these all the time about ken’s knee throw over and over. how exactly do you do it?


After you grab your opponent with the knee bash you have several options:

a) jump immediately after you release them from the knee bash, jump and do a deep jumping jab xx air hurricane kick then:

i) walk towards then grab with the knee bash, wash, rinse, repeat
ii) walk towards low short x 2, if it connects xx super dp
if it’s blocked go for another knee bash
iii) if the jumping jab xx air hurricane connects (even if it doesn’t) follow it with a low roundhouse for a knockdown. You can then attempt to repeat the jumping jab xx hurricane tick upon wake-up.


b) walk under your opponent after you release them from the knee bash and do low short x 2
i) if it connects do a super dp
ii) if it’s blocked walk forward and do another knee bash
iii) jab dp occasionally when they try to counter-throw

That’s the gist of it. Try to keep them constantly off balance with throws, sweeps and dps.