St normal then a special finishing in an up charge (Tutorial. Excludes b hp)


Figured this out a little while ago with Juni in sfa3. Thought I’d chip it in. I still cant do it with back hp with standing 3s Chun yet.

  1. Charge down. This can be done during almost anything, which is why charging is so flexible.

  2. Release the down charge, press your desired normal very quickly. This normal must be cancel-able.

  3. Very quickly press up and the button required to complete the special move.

This adds another dimension of combos for your charge character, say guile, especially in a game like ssf4 with all of it’s links. You can even do some crouching normals to hit confirm and then do a standing one into a link into a special.

In third strike this can be combined with charge partitioning for some humorous and fun results, for example, dash up Alex st close mk to headstomp or ex headstomp, or Remy dash up c Mk to Razor Kick. I’d really like to see the crazy mess Urien can do with it.

It’s particularly useful with juni since it adds jumpless high-low starting with either high or low.


My favorite way to use this is in SF2 with Guile, but also a word to anyone who didn’t know about this be weary of your normal wiffing on crouching opponents!


/\ yup. two crouching jabs to st jab then flash or boom should fix that, covering all angles. if they block em just throw or sonic boom.

its really nasty in pre cps2 sf2 since those chains are there.


For some reason I could never get this to work without going back to down, then up. If I do that then I get near 100% success.

For example to finish Oro’s bnb in 3s with standing MP into uppercut I do