ST: O. Ken Vs Honda


Me and my friend latley been arguing this and if its possible .

I say there must be a way for honda to beat O.Ken

My friend is convinced that O. Ken shuts down honda clean.

Now the match ussually revolves around jab fireballs into sweep if honda jumps and basic shoto traps and patterns.

Im curious if any honda experts( Chris Lee, Bob Painter) out there can fill me in on this match and maybe give me the basic lay out to the match and how each person must approach it .

Thank You


Honda gets spanked by shotos badly. Throw a fireball, he’ll jump or flashkick over it, then you sweep him. It’s very difficult for him to do anything about it. When I play Honda on shotos, I’m forced to just advance slowly and wait for a shot to call a fireball so I can jumpkick it. You have more of a shot on O.Ken because of his slower fireballs (you can gain more ground), but it’s still really hard.


I like to add one more thing. That although the Jab fireball is very slow and would be easier to jump over, the recovery on it is so fast, you could almost immediately uppercut after it. So jumping may not be a very good idea against old Ken in that situation :slight_smile: And I do agree that it’s a very difficult match for Honda to win.


As long as Ken’s on his feet and playing distances, Honda’s not gonna be in good shape. To win, I think Honda has to…

  1. scoring a knockdown through butt slam, standing sweep, or headbutt (good luck with headbutt :))
    and then taking that opportunity to…
  2. position such that you are within poking range to c./s. strong or c./s. jab
  3. crossup combo or crossup into/tick into 360/throw
    keep pressure and distance by scoring knockdowns or well placed butt slams over fireballs

on 2)…this distance is still problematic since Ken will push you away with sweep/fwd into fireball

Sometimes I wonder how much easier this kind of matchup would be for Honda if he could move forward with a down charge, as in with a slide; headbutt is risky.



Watch the Bob Painter vs. Pete Talley match on the B5 DVD.

Though I’d have to agree that the match is heavily in Ken’s favour.


using the Omar Algorithim its a 10/0 fight in favor of o.ken. now of course if you fuck up the spacing of it or fuck a motion up its MAYBE a 9/1 fight but it any matter yer not gonna find many people argue the point that it looks good for honda. Or atleast anyone that has a clue about ST.