ST: Old Guile or New Guile



I FINALLY played ST for the first time the other day (We only have The New Challengers where I live :O), and holy CRAP, it’s intense. The game was so fast at first that I could barely play it, lol! But I think I’ve gotten used to the speed enough now to where I can almost play it as good as I can on The New Challengers.

In any case, I play Chun-Li, Guile, and Vega, and while I know what I like for Chun-Li and Vega, I really have a hard time deciding which version of Guile I like… Maybe some people who have played the game can tell me which ones are generally more useful, and why of course. Or perhaps some bigger advantages to one or the other (I suppose there’s no reason I couldn’t use both, but I want to have one I can focus on :P). Thanks for your time.


i personally prefer ST guile for these reasons:
-new fierce punch: it comes out quick and can nail jumpers who miscalculate their jump distance. the backfist is now performed as f+FP.
-spinning sobat (i believe that’s what it’s called): perform by pressing f+MK or b+MK. this move allows you to advance or retreat while attacking the opponent at the same time. and it can also go over some low moves.
-new far roundhouse: this is a step kick that is useful for following up your sonic booms to keep the opponent pinned.

-in the ST version, you get the super combo.
-in the normal version you have NO super combo and CAN’T tech from throws.


Old Guile is good for the following reasons:

-b+short is a small kick and not the knee hop. Good when you need to play foot games while charging the sonic boom.

-backfist can be done with b+fierce. You can maintain your charge while you use it. New Guile cannot.

-stand RH is a high kick and not the step kick. works fairly well for anti-air when you’re not charged down.

While the inability to tech throws is a weakness. Not having a super combo is not that big a deal. Guile’s super is really not very good. Not much range, and is not safe when blocked unlike some other supers. Getting in a position to land the super is also difficult.

Old Guile is better in some matches (Dhalsim for example) while new Guile is better in other matches like against Old Sagat.


Yeah, I always liked Guile’s Anti Air Roundhouse, which is pretty much the MAIN reason I wonder if I wanna try New Guile out that much. But, New Guile’s additions are kinda intriguing. The new roundhouse sounds good in some situations…the new fierce, how would you use it to punish jumpers now? It doesn’t seem like it has the range to hit jumping opponents very well…I could be wrong though, and probly am :stuck_out_tongue: Also, something that I wondered about the spinning sobat… can you use it to hit air very well? The best idea I’ve had for using it is to attack jumpers with the backwards one, sorta like a dodge and counterattack deal. But, that’s all conceptualizing, there’s really not any good way to test it on a computer opponent :stuck_out_tongue: Can it be used effectively for anti air?


New Guile still has the anti-air standing roundhouse, except now it’s a close neutral standing roundhouse and the far version is the step kick. Close back/towards and roundhouse does the inverted kick.

I think new Guile is generally far superior. the ability to move towards your opponent with the step kick and the standing forward more than make up for the changes to the back fist and the inability to do a standing short while holding your charge (honestly, in almost every situation the forward performs better, anyways). It also gives him a fairly easy dizzy combo that he wouldn’t have otherwise had, if I recall aright (fierce, fierce, fierce boom, step kick, when you corner them). Most cases where you need the backfist, you either just lost your charge or couldn’t have had it in the first place. Plus teching throws, as has been mentioned, and a super.


At very specific ranges, yes, but it’s not really all that good for anti-air in my opinion. His best options are the flash kick, close standing roundhouse (trades or beats all sorts of stuff when they’re in close; beats Dee Jays jumping roundhouse and trades with his forward, for instance), straight up jumping roundhouse, or crouching fierce. The crouching fierce is best done sorta early, so they fly into the extended fist rather than land on top of you while you’re trying to get it out.


Hmm, I was wondering how to do that Roundhouse with New Guile (The Neutral one). It came out randomly when I was playing, and I didn’t know what I was doing :stuck_out_tongue:

I messed around with it a bit, and the big problem is, I can’t seem to hit people with it from a decent angle. If the person times their attacks right against it (WHich doesn’t seem to hard, the computer kicks my ASS when I try to counter with this Roundhouse), the Roundhouse won’t even connect. It seems that about the time that I would normally throw out my Roundhouse, he does the step kick, which, while it looks pretty funny when I step into a flying fist, it’s certainly not helping me. :stuck_out_tongue: Any tips on how to use that?


Yeah the range at which the AA Roundhouse comes out is very close, too close for 90% of air attacks. I will still beat a select few air attacks like Shoto jumping Short or cliping Chun Li after she has toetapped of your high block, so experiment but usually if opponents are jumping right in close like that the standing, close, nuetral Forward (damn that was a mouthfull)is a faster, more consistent counter (the one where he grabs his foot), its much like Chun Li’s mirror move, good for shooting down air cyclone kicks and such. Its a shame about the new Roundhouse cause its one of the coolest looking kicks in the game and it could beat all manner of air attacks if it came out at longer distances (see the AI), but I guess Capcom wanted to change ST Guiles style so that he’s more vunerable in some ways. Makes me wonder why they even bothered drawing that move.



Try out using standing strong for AA.


Hey, Crayfish, nifty. That standing neutral forward is really good close anti-air? I confess to never having thought of using it. For the roundhouse, I always use his sweep range as the delimeter for when to go for it.


A couple of things:

New Guile’s close stand roundhouse is NOT the same as old Guiles far stand roundhouse and as far as anti-air applications go, they’re practically nil.

As for that dizzy combo, Back fist dizzies much better than step kick. To test it just go to practice mode and see how many step kicks it takes to dizzy and opponent; it’s ALOT more than with backfist or even cr. forward if I remember right.

I haven’t tested this but I’ve also heard that old Guile tosses out booms faster. That way you won’t get the “I almost had my boom out but instead I take it to the chin because I’m so slow” effect you get with the new one. Can anyone confirm this?


new guile has the bext crossup in the game, jumping lk
its hard to see it coming., crouch strong XX flash kick
from there you can either walk forward a bit for another crossover, or stand still for a normal jump in

i think og guile does have better release on booms since all og characters

as for close standing neutral foward, it is an excellent AA
back in the days off ww, it was unbeatable as AA

ive tested the dizzies with the normals as well against Ryu with full health
3 towards + fierce in a row = dizzy
8 far roundhouse = dead, no dizzy *they died before they were dizzied
8 crouching fowards = dizzy

close fierce XX boom, toward fierce dizzies everytime
close fierce XX boom. far roundhouse did not, but with a jump in at the begining, it did dizzy alot.

a good thing about og guile is that he can use standing short XX boom, and it wont give him the knee attack

oh and new guiles super is suck


Just wanted to clear up some stuff

There is no difference between O.Guile/N.Guile’s SB release/recovery. If there was a difference, there would be certain combos he wouldn’t be able to do. I’ve been able to do the insane TZW combos with both old and new guile.

One thing that was just breifly mentioned is N.Guile’s crossover game. It’s really really good. His crossover short kick is one of the best, right up there with Deejay’s crossover forward kick. You can totally screw with people’s minds. You can do crossover short,c.short,c.short, FK/super FK. Or don’t throw out the crossover short, and go right into c.short,c.short,FK/super FK(your opponent will still be blocking high waiting for the crossover to connect…which never does). I won’t explain how to charge a super FK after a crossover, that’s my little secret…for a regular FK after c.shorts/c.jabs, you have to kara cancel into the FK to get it to come out.

The other stuff about new guile has already been touched on(advancing sobat, rh). Same thing with old guile…they’re both really really good. I like using old guile when I want to do more damage and have foot games with s.short and the backfist while keeping my SB charge. I like to use new guile for tech throw ability, super meter, and the crossover game.


If you have to fight O.Sagat with Guile, N.Guile with the towards+forward is pretty essential if you want a hope of winning since it’ll hop over the low tiger at the right range. Fast one generally. This one requires almost zero skill for Sagat and the Guile must be really really good. It’s a great way to get better at Guile because you can get your little brother who doesn’t play Streetfighter to use O.Sagat and give you fits.

Against Ryu/Ken, it’s again probably better to have N.Guile, mostly for throw tech, and the advancing RH and forward kicks.

Crossup short is so good, I agree completely. I really can’t go back to O.Guile because of how good the crossup is and how ambiguous it can be. Someone landing on a SB leads to the best setup IMO.

Vega has to be Guile’s worst fight along with Old Sagat. Old Ryu is also a real pain to beat.