ST: old Ryu help...?

i’m very new to this.

  • does the strength of the hadoken determine the amount of Ryu’s recovery on it? i was always certain the answer was no but i’d like to make sure.

  • old Ryu’s blue hadoken is “better” than new Ryu’s right? is it simply the fireball’s speed or are there other things…?

  • what does the red fireball do besides knocking down and being extra slow? i’ve heard something about a “shield” on the red one.

  • can old Ryu tag T.Hawk with a reversal hadoken after blocking his Flying Fuck Hawk (sorry… simrock called it that once and it stuck. i mean the diving thing…)? i haven’t been able to do it…

  • old Ryu can’t tiger knee his tatsumaki, can he…? i mean qcb, uf+K.

  • old Ryu can’t buffer into his air tatsumaki either…?

  • could someone break down or provide a link to the noteworthy differences between old and new Ryu?

  • Ryu’s hadoken IS longer than Ken’s, right? or is it just a graphics thing…?

links to soemthing already written would be especially welcome. thanks in advance.

I believe they deleted your thread. It’s a shame cause I thought there were some good info in it too. Could you just write another one?

lol… i think i actually saved that thread, but i haven’t got it right now.

iirc, the differences listed in an older thread (i think simrock’s) are as follows;

  • old Ryu had a “better” fireball.
  • old Ryu’s tatsumaki had one less revolution
  • old Ryu’s close RK was bufferable on the first frame (?)
  • no command FP or command SP
  • better walking speed
  • extra throw range (?.. i may be getting my games confused)
  • no throw softening
  • old Ryu cannot Tiger Knee his tatsumaki
  • old Ryu cannot buffer into his air tatsumaki

but i’ve only heard these from a single source, so i could use some confirmation as well as some elaboration on what they mean in detail and their implications on gameplay.

  • can old Ryu hold his own among the ST top tiers?

locked is my threads new fate. If travel pages should find it back somewere.

weather old or new ryu make no differnce for tiger knee tatsimaki. It just hard time with ryu more so then ken. To tiger knee foward is same time. But to backwards require stronger timeing on ryu player part then ken player. Both new and old ryu may buffer to air version also but not combo in most times. Extra throw range? i have not heard of this so i do not think as so.

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I think they overlooked your one good post. The rest of that thread was trash so they assumed the entire thread was trash. I don’t think anyone hates you but you might want to reword some of the things you’ve posted.

lol… nah i thought it was good. some good info in it.
it was funny too.


Red FB vs flying hawk fuck

Glass: About being able to hit Hawk after blocking his dive… I think the answer is ‘it depends’.

If he hits you high, or you’re close to the corner, etc… then yeah. But I don’t think you can do it all the time. Either that, or my opponents suck against Hawk. :slight_smile:

As for your other Q’s, I don’t think the strength determines your recovery on your FBs. Well, it all seems the same to me. I also don’t think he can cancel his axe kick on the first hit like you mentioned (that’s what you meant right?)

I’ve read that he has “better” Fbs like you said… But I don’t know exactly how, and would really like to know for sure myself. Any ideas on ways to test it?

Ok here it goes :

  • No, the recovery is the same on all FB, the difference is just the speed of hadokens.

  • I believe yes old Ryu’s Hadoken comes out faster than N.Ryu.

  • hmm I never tried revesal FB on T.Hawks Diving Hawk.

  • old Ryu can Tiger Knee the tatsumaki.

  • Old Ryu can buffer into air tatsumaki but only hits Sagat.

  • Ryu’s FB is a little bigger and faster, his Red FB has a shielding effect at the beginning but in ST it’s not useful due to the game speed in Super SF2 I remember using it as anti air sometimes :slight_smile:

Of course the general old characters rules apply…and BTW standing far RH is bufferable not close RH.

old and new both can tiger knee. dun make me rock you n00b. Your ass will be silly fucker!

far roundhouse is bufferable…?


so i could do like far anti-air roundhouse into hadoken…? shit that sounds too cute…

oh and thanks for the clarifications… :slight_smile:

Not quite n00b. Old ryu may cancle far stand roundhouse but it is only in beging part of swing. As for anti air as you think this is tech possible but is not good idea of how you are think.

With all the information in this thread, I can’t believe nobody mentioned O.Ryu’s invincible DP. Goodness.

Oh that too…:smiley:

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