St: Old Sagat


I need some help with these match-ups for Old Sagat that I am finding difficult to win.

Vs Vega

I don’t know how to play this match well, in Apoc vs. Valle Apoc does not go to the wall a lot is there a reason for this cos the people I play who use Vega go to the wall a lot a pull back to make my Tiger uppercut miss and then start to use cross-up claws or Inza drop as I get up. What is the best strategy if the Vega is too close and can snuff tiger shot with his claw.

Vs M Bison

Same problem as Vega if he gets close. My opponants usually wait far away and use head-press if I tiger shot

Vs Chun-li

The match goes ok unless she gets close or gets a super built up.

Also I am having problems with Sagat’s corner pressure tactics.

What are my options and the correct distance to throw tiger shots from?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Seems like you are experiencing at least two problems.

1- You’re throwing way too many fireballs with Sagat. You have to know your distances, so you don’t throw a fireball at a distance when a character can jump and punish you.

2- Seems like you are not pulling out your uppercuts DEEP. To do this start your uppercuts from a sitting position.

Elements for a successful corner trap:

With the other character in the corner, you should be about 1/3 of the screen away from him. If you knock their character down in the corner, start with a fast low tiger, which they would get up into, then a slow(short low tiger.) If they jump when you throw the slow low tiger, they will be uppercutted because the recovery on the Low tiger with short at the right distance is fast enough for you to be able to do a deep uppercut on a jumping opponent. Since the uppercut knocks them down you can then repeat that. Other if they don’t jump however, you could rotate between different low tigers ( kind of unsafe), or continue doing the slow low tiger(much safer.) You could press an occasional jab or short to fake them into jumping for you to uppercut, or you could do an occasional standing roundhouse or fierce if they decide to jump(this will hit them.)

Hope this helped :slight_smile:


Standing short is your friend against Vega. It will stuff his claws and kicks from close up and you can combo into low tiger. Walldiving is dangerous because if you are close enough you can uppercut or you can just jump back rh or fierce or you can jump up firece, short or rh. Be smart and don’t uppercut when you know Vega is too far away or that he can pull back and be out of range.

Against Bison, try to get him to headstomp by faking tigers. Then you put the hurt on him. If you want to get in close, some slow tigers followed by tiger knees will get you in quickly. Bison will have to start kicking you at some point. Uppercut the leg.

For Chun, go back to the original SF strat of fb, uppercut. Her jump licks ass against Sagat and you can’t get stuffed unless she jumps from far away. Just don’t uppercut when that is the case. Push away with standing short, low tiger and repeat. It isn’t quite that simple, but that’s the general idea. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive. Sagat’s jumping rh is damn good. If she has super, just know if she has it charged. If not, keep attacking. If she does, bait the bitch into using it.

Sagat has some wonderful corner traps - Standard fb, uppercut; repeated standing short, low tiger, quick knee to throw. Depending on the character, if they jump up you can stand rh or fierce, uppercut or wait til they land and throw more tigers.


Thanks for the help guys I have just been messing about with the stuff vs. the CPU and on practice mode.

Won’t be able to try it out against real people until tomorrow…

I noticed that the opponant can jump after blocking the short(lk), how close am I supposed to be when using the (lk)->tiger pattern? If the opponant jumps straight up after blocking the (lk) they escape the trap right? so I’m guessing I need to change to (hk) or (hp) occasionally.

Are there any clips of Sagat floating about by any chance…:)?

As you probably guessed I’m just an average level player so any further suggestions would be appreciated.

What are some good ways to open a round with Sagat?

I find that (hp) is quite good or also jumping up or backwards with(hk)


There are two scenarios:

1- You’re ahead on energy in which case if you keep throwing Slow Low Tigers(with LK) AND he keeps jumping straight up he won’t win. So he will either die by time out or will have to somehow do something different.

2- You’re behind and you need to hit him. In which case you have to remember the excellent recovery of the Slow Low Tigers(with LK), which allows you do a couple of things:

a- Fast Low Tigers(with HK) right after he jumps straigh up and you recover from your Slow Low Tigers(with LK). He won’t be able to block low if you do it in a way where it’s like sweeping a jumping opponent.(basically if you don’t give him time to block)

b- You could do a Fast High Tiger (HP) to try to hit him while he is on the way down.

c- Don’t do anything, and see what he does, and see if you can retaliate what he does. So let’s say he is Ryu, and when he see you don’t do anything he may try a fireball, in which case you can jump forward with a roundhouse.

However odds are that 99% of the people don’t have the patience to jump straight up and down till the timer runs out, and they will inevitably like to jump in your face which will make them eat a well timed uppercut, if you’re in the right setup as I mentioned before. However if you do encounter that 1% that will jump up and down all day, then try the other strats I mentioned.

That’s all I can think of right now. Hope that helps. I like to stress again if you plan to use OG Sagat practice your Uppercuts. And don’t do fireball unless you’re sure you are not going to expose yourself to an attack :slight_smile: